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Flex 101 Modular System
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CUBEX design team developed and designed the Flex 101 modular system, which was manufactured by GAINER . The product was unveiled at Guangzhou Design Week in December, 2021. The Flex 101modular system is a multi-functional column frame structure. The column and the laminate surface can realize the transformation of multiple materials. The connection between each laminate and the column is designed with a unique structure, which is developed by the CUBEX team. The Flex 101 modular system solves the adaptability of the frame structure and the wall through a single column. It is simple to install, no burden, and has its own light conductive structure, which can be used in different life scenes.CUBEX team solved the breakthrough difficulties such as: each front overhanging single column support structure, column conductive design system, multi-level adjustment for installation, single column bearing capacity not less than 60KG, and installation of ultra-high dimension stability without shaking.

Agency: CUBEX Design

CUBEX Design was established in Shanghai and is a creative and forward-looking innovative design company. CubeX means exploring unknown possibilities in the world of three-dimensional space.
Adhere to the design concept of "form follows emotion". It is believed that innovative design is not only to show people cool products and spaces, but also to transform products and spaces into emotion and elegance into life.
CUBEX's team is in continuous innovation design and development, summing up 7 design thinking paths belonging to their own team attributes:Curiosity, Objective Thinking, Intuition, Sensitivity, Art and Science, Product Image, Connection.
The company's service scope not only covers home product design and space design, but also includes forward-looking visual design and conceptual product design. CUBE X emphasizes full communication and absolute trust with customers, and achieves goals beyond expectations based on a full understanding of customers' brand value