SILVER Prize of Commercial Space

Financial Island Urban Exhibition Hall


Project name: City Hall of Longhu Financial Island
Project Address: Zhengzhou Financial Island
Completion time: July 2019
Project size: 1700
Lead designer:Wang Yucheng



Longhu Financial Island, known as "Lujiazui" in Henan Province, is a benchmark area in Zhengzhou and even the Central Plains. The "Longhu Financial Island City Exhibition Hall" carries the significance of displaying the future development direction of Zhengzhou and transmitting the status of the international regional financial center of the financial island.
Water, natural elements and the support of life, throughout the origin of world culture, water, with the essence of its original cosmology connotation has penetrated into the deep consciousness of human cultural thought. The wisdom of water is endless, affecting everything, but also affecting the living environment of human beings.
As far as Zhengzhou is concerned, the shortage of water resources is an important aspect that restricts the development of cities and affects people's quality of life. People living in Zhengzhou are in need of water, close to water and hungry for water. Therefore, when we received the design task of the financial island city exhibition hall and thought about how to carry out the design, a word "water" lit up the core of the design.
Water, the source of life. Beilong Lake sits on 5.6 square kilometers of lake, surrounded by beautiful wetlands. We regard "water" as the main element of this design, the whole design takes the shape of water, the rhyme of water, the artistic conception of water, interprets the minimalist contemporary oriental design aesthetics, each space in the exhibition hall continues in the context of water elements, and creates the pan-artistic experience space from nature.
The exhibition hall building is irregular. We design the interior space of the irregular building as a "regular" space in line with the building structure, give up a lot of things, combine the exterior view of the building with the indoor space with the principle of "subtraction", and leave more imaginable space.
In the reception area, we adopted the eternal classic white, laid the simple style of the reception area, and showed layers of texture to the water grain wall at the entrance, like the wind, wrinkling a pool of water, sparkling in the sun. Matte metal color reception desk, rigorous silver raindrop device, showing the elegance and simplicity of minimalist art, full of charm.
The chandelier in the sand table area, from an origin, spreads each lamp body one by one, rises to the top surface of the ceiling, is gathered by the powder, is dispersed by the dispersion, and then is dispersed by the dispersion, and has been spread back to the main wall surface, and the irregular arrangement form is adopted to break the traditional design specification, The brand-new design concept is conveyed, the artistic style of the space is improved, and the international high-end style of the whole space is shown.
We take care of the humanities to make people more comfortable and convenient in space. Our designers from the negotiation area of the space is highly depressed, so that people can be more relaxed and quiet here to negotiate. In the negotiation area, the straight line is arranged according to the law, the partition is formed, the furniture is semi-enclosed, the space is divided into different areas, and the space of penetration and privacy is created.
Design takes care of the relationship among architectural landscape, outdoor and indoor, and takes curtain wall, light and shadow as the key points to deal with the relationship between the three.
The silver device in the negotiation area shows different reflection and reflection effects during the day's light changes. At night, the sun shines on the surface of the water, mapping the reflected sparkling spots to the top of the negotiation area.
Looking through the window, outdoor green trees whirling, hollowed-out art sculptures in the clean and transparent water left reflection, things and shadows up and down, positive and negative, different scenes, ever-changing, sometimes calm as a mirror, sometimes empty, sometimes wavy sloshing. This murmuring quiet, exudes the gentle beauty, reveals the oriental aesthetic wisdom, this is the artistic conception that we want to express.

Wang Yucheng

Founder, General Manager and Director of Geometric Space Design.
Registered architect of the Chinese Architectural Society
Registered designer, Fi Design firm, Milan, Italy
Professional member of the Hong Kong Association of Interior designers
Senior interior designer
Design perception
Eighteen years of practical experience in space design, from architecture to interior,
Design affects us a little bit and permeates us.
Enhance the relationship between humanities and symbiosis, enjoy the design brings a variety of inheritance and differences.