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Fetrex Beauty Mask
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This product is a phototherapy beauty mask device. It comes with 108 lamp beads which are evenly distributed to deliver anti-aging, wrinkle fading and other beautifying effects on the face through phototherapy. Each lamp bead contains four LED chips which have a more complex structure compared to traditional phototherapy device with one-chip lamp bead. That’s why they can provide higher power and efficiency than traditional one-chip lamp bead to improve the overall treatment outcome. Depending on the specific skin problems, the product provides five spectral regions ranging from red, blue, yellow, red and blue, to infrared light. These spectra can irradiate different skin layers such as the dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous tissues, so as to deliver the desired cosmetic effects. For example, red light is believed to promote collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasticity; blue light is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which reduces acne or inflammatory skin problems; and yellow light reduces pigmentation and improves the uniformity of skin tone. Users may change the spectral zones to irradiate and the irradiation intensity by an independent integrated controller as they like. The timer function available for the controller allows user to preset the duration of use so the phototherapy cycle is reasonably controlled and managed, and user can make own schedule. The mask is made of medical-grade silicone to avoid skin irritation and minimize the risk of skin allergies. What’s more, an isolation eye mask is added to shield the eyes from any adverse effects of strong light. Even if user wears the mask for phototherapy, he can still do other things, it would be convenient and flexible for how long the therapy takes and how to perform the therapy. The phototherapy beauty will not interfere in carrying out other activities, which means user is not bounded or restrained. The mask is designed to give user more convenience and flexibility in the treatment process and adapt to various scenarios and modes of operation. The comfort and reliability means a long wearing without feeling unwell and makes a perfect fit of excellent efficacy and comfort.