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Feng Qi Tianchen
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The penthouse duplex unlocks a new definition of mansion
Project Address / Zhejiang · Tongxiang
Project Name / Feng Qi Tianchen
Design / Modern
Project area / 1000m²
Main designer / Jiang Junhua
Soft Decoration Design / MUYI HOME
Live action photography / Zhu Linying
Cities are evolving rapidly. The definition of mansion on the spire floor has also quietly changed with the iteration of the living concept.
This case is located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang.
A 1000m² penthouse with a lake view.
The whole house is implemented with 95% of imported household products.
In terms of soft furnishings, MUYI HOME, which has always advocated the preservation of the essence, works together. We understand the owner's insight into the quality of life.
Create an extraordinary private home.
Public area of the guest restaurant.
The low-saturation color palette in the living room area presents a warm texture.
The cream-colored sofa cuts the moving line in the trend.
Reasonably plan the functional attributes of the guest restaurant.
This sofa is called Poliform Saint Germain.. Part of the sofa and upholstery system. From the linear shape to the texture of the material. All inject the warmth of home into the elegant local space.
The functional differentiation of restaurants and bars unlocks different usage scenarios.
The choice of home is refined without losing the sense of neatness.
Focus your gaze on the bar area.
Poliform Seattle's bar chairs are slender and elegantly proportioned.
It is more in line with the elegant and generous temperament of the space.
Master bedroom space. The master bedroom is a spacious suite configuration.
Extra-large bathroom space. Demonstrate the strength of the upstart customer base.
Daughter's room.
Designers follow the natural growth of children.
With different design strokes. Two warm daughter's rooms were created.
The overall color scheme of a daughter's room is bright and childlike.
In the choice of furniture, it is even more meticulous. The other daughter's room has a modest overall color scheme.
The focus of space presentation falls on the selection of soft decoration products.
Move to an open subspace. The free and clear temperament of the field becomes the first impression of shocking vision.
Let the space be filled with artistic creativity. The cute white bear design is inspired by polar bears reclining on the ice.
When macro environmental
protection issues come to home design.
We follow the diagram in our relationship with home, space and nature. The owner of the house snuggles lazily in the sofa.
Bird's eye view of the lake. A variety of heartwarming life scenes will be slowly unfolded.
When mansions are destylized, they drift away from the traditional definition of "hao".
So that the spire crowd confined in the bustle of the city can look down on the sky and the earth within easy reach.
Enjoy silence in the midst of rapid change.
Write more stories for the privileged life in a residence full of artistic beauty.

Designer:Junhua Jiang