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The Feili Hotel is a renovation of an old building, formerly a travel hotel, with most of its facilities outdated and seemingly out of sync with the times. Chongqing, as a hot tourist city in China, is full of vitality and creativity. GDD design takes "tourist cities" as the starting point, integrating the natural environment with trends. Bold collision between local culture and modernity not only creates a unique appearance through spatial design, but also uses new materials to showcase new charm.
Entering the Feili Hotel, passengers will immediately be attracted by the entire colorful LED background wall, which not only injects vitality and playfulness into the reception area, but also cleverly showcases the unique charm of Chongqing, an 8D magical city.
When participating in the design of the Philippe Hotel, the GDD Deep Reflection Design Team pays attention to the importance of hotel brand operation and urban brand shaping. A renovation plan has been proposed that integrates the cultivation of urban spirit and iterative development. This plan includes improvements to the interior and landscape of the hotel, as well as the use of design techniques, materials, and colors to reflect the unique regional characteristics and cultural connotations of the mountain city.
At the same time, the social characteristics of the hotel are integrated into the design, relying on the hotel's public areas. Through carefully planned lighting, abyssal mirrors, and mirror metal elements, the hotel adds a fashionable atmosphere while changing colors. It also creates a relaxed social space that meets the needs of guests. At the same time, it provides space for online social media influencers to take photos and check in, which effectively enhances the recognition of the hotel brand through these design strategies.
The corridor of the guest room is a necessary path for all guests and an important component of the hotel space. In the design of the Philippe Hotel, GDD's thought-provoking design links the corridor with lighting, conveying the pursuit of fashion. The soft lighting design combined with wooden decorative panels not only meets functional requirements, but also creates an elegant and peaceful atmosphere, allowing guests to feel a fashionable atmosphere as they shuttle between rooms. At the same time, the lighting design of the corridor can also highlight the sense of spatial hierarchy, enhance visual effects, and make the hotel's design more attractive.
The rooms with red as the main color tone convey a vibrant and passionate atmosphere, complementing the spirit of Chongqing as a city. Red symbolizes the regional characteristics of Chongqing, immediately reminiscent of hotpot, skyscrapers, and the hospitable hospitality of the locals. Choose to stay in a room with a red tone, so that guests can feel the urban charm and regional culture of Chongqing immediately upon entering.
The guest rooms with green as the main color tone create a tranquil atmosphere like an urban oasis, providing passengers with a space for physical and mental relaxation. Green symbolizes vitality and hope, and can bring joy to travelers staying in Chongqing, allowing them to have a pleasant leisure time. Choosing to stay in a green themed room allows you to feel the harmony and tranquility of nature, allowing you to relax and enjoy the wonderful time in Chongqing while traveling.
Choosing a room with a gray tone is particularly suitable for business travelers in Chongqing. Grey not only gives people a calm and contemplative atmosphere, but also helps to relax the body and mind. The design of the grey guest room is aimed at meeting the needs of business travelers, providing them with a peaceful working environment and allowing them to fully rest and relax after a busy day.

Designer:Guangbiao Chen(Bill)

Senior space renovation designer, graduated from the Department of Architecture of Guangzhou University and studied in the design advanced seminar of Tongji University. In 2007, he founded Guangzhou Shensi Space Design Co., Ltd., with in-depth theoretical support and detailed practical experience, advocating the "symbiotic relationship between people and space", the project covers hotels, residences, office spaces, cultural and creative cultural tourism parks, etc., and has won many awards in many design competitions. Representative works include Guangzhou Xin Kai Hui Yue Hotel, DongGuan NiuBen Digital Economy Industrial Park, Sunshine Marriott Hailing Bay No. 1, Huizhou Qingxi Hot Spring Hotel, etc.
Professional Award of the 6th AIIDA AWARD International Design Awards 2023
2023 5th Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award TOP100 Character Award,2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: homestay Design Excellence Award ,2022-2023 International Design Award iding Award: Model House Space Excellence Award, 2022 French GPDP AWARD Design Award -Innovative Design Award, Senior Interior Designer, International Association of Architectural Decoration Interior Design Italian IIDA AWARD Design Awards 2022, 2022 IDG Gold Creative International Design Award Workplace International Innovative Design Award, 2021-2022 International Design – Aiding Award: Office Space Excellence Award, 2020 International Design Awards – Aiding Award: Hotel Space Design Excellence Award, 2020 The 10th International Space Design Awards - Idea-Tops Award: Catering Space Design Excellence Award, 2019 International Design Award - Aiding Award: Excellence Award in Catering Space Design.