INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

Excellent harbour villa


Morandi color interprets modern luxury space
It is not art that imitates life, but life imitates art. -- Wilde



The designer creates this 6-storey villa in Houhai with a distinctive modern minimalist luxury style. It uses Morandi color system to deduce the luxurious space style. At the same time, it pays attention to the reasonable functional area division of each floor, pays attention to the harmonious transition of gray level, and conveys a transcendent experience and feeling, which is integrated into the residence, not just the residence. Simple design language, high-level materials and artistic furnishings are used to emphasize the theme of space
The designer uses architectural thinking to think about the overall space. The stairs of the 6-storey villa extend from B2 to L4, making the space temperament of simplicity, elegance and luxury come down in one continuous line.
Entering the living room, the marble background is the visual focus of the living room, and the application of wood is the finishing touch. Whether it is the modeling of the scene, the arrangement of furnishings, or the depiction of details, it aims to better express the high-quality lifestyle and show the high-quality attitude towards home.
The open combination of dining room and living room effectively expands the activity scope and zoning level of public area, maximizes the infiltration and interaction of adjacent fields, and marble background also becomes the common vocabulary of space, responding to the appeal of modern people to return to simplicity and simplicity. With personalized copper dining table and furnishings to create a light and refreshing dining environment, while eating, feel the beauty of art, feel the taste of life.
Enter the hostess room, gentle and simple design expression, let people enjoy the real pleasure of the space. A random blanket, not noisy, not artificial, a pure white sofa, then for the hostess to open up a belongs to her world
Bedroom and toilet through the stripe carpet and marble texture symbolic throughout, produce flow dynamic, high-level temperament more show relaxed freehand
The design of the guest room still continues the wood veneer and Morandi hue. In the design process, add art ornament, more playful and vitality.


Designer : Van Lee