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DS salon


Party A in this case is a group of post-90s young entrepreneurs, with a pure dream pursuit heart, only for their customers to bring a relaxed, pleasant, comfortable hairdressing experience. It is located on the edge of Guiyang City, is a service end customer hairdressing shop, the main customer group is about 30 years old young customers. With the ideal of Party A, I began a dream planning... The main core idea of this case is: transfer safety, freedom, comfort, which also compound my design values. At the door of the Roman samurai sculpture, is to hope that the customer into the "Ds salon" moment, the heart is safe, can enjoy the comfort and beauty brought by hairdressing. At the door of the plant, that is hope, hope "Ds salon" like a sapling, constantly experience the process of wind and rain, constantly grow, it also adds a lot of vitality to the entire peripheral environment. As soon as you enter the "Ds salon"", it is an aisle, an arcuate corner aisle, it is like an interesting" runway ", you do not know who you will meet at the corner, making the whole space mysterious and interesting. The "cool dog" sculpture at the corner of the aisle looks at you silently, as if waiting for you to go home, as if guarding everyone in the whole space, it is cold but loyal. Its appearance makes the security of the whole space sublimate again. The water drop chandelier above the cash register echoes the glass brick on the wall of the washing area, as if the rainy day is through the glass window, quietly listening to the sound of raindrops, making people very relaxed lying on the washing bed, Enjoy the quiet of rainy days and the comfort of shampoo. The arc-shaped ceiling above the attic, like a wave flowing to us, makes people want to embrace it with open arms... The whole space green interspersed, it is like a glass of ice water mint ", in the hot summer or when the mood is not beautiful, I hope to bring you a little cool... A tiny space in the last 40 m², with nine haircutting places, five washing beds, three ironing places, customer sitting area, cash register, water bar, storage cabinet, designer tool cabinet, product cabinet, towel cabinet, storage room, toilet, cleaning room...

Designer: Tian Xi

Tian Xi, a post-90s designer, transformed the design industry from a carpenter before 2011, Nine years of continuous accumulation, always adhere to the creation of "good" space, with a different understanding of housing and business, reinterpret the space experience in a modern way. Housing: the combination of order to create a home "good space "—— suitable for the owner of the space, suitable for the housing itself space. Business: build "good space" in the form of construction —— give customers the best sense of experience, so that Party A continues to profit. Founded in 2020," Fanli Space Design Studio ", with "create a more warm aesthetic space" design ideal, dedicated to architectural appearance, space design, soft customization, art customization and commercial design and other fields. Has won: International Space Design Award "Innovation Award ", search for space wizard" Design Gold Award "and so on Design concept: give space security, freedom, comfort, and life aesthetic and sublimation! About the designer: has the sound mind quality, according to the Tao, achieves the goal, simultaneously has the happy freedom and even the complete consciousness life.