Best of Villa Space

Professor Zhao’s gentle home


The design of this case includes house building design and renovation, interior space design and renovation, respect for the harmonious symbiosis of nature, architectural renovation and the original building reflect each other, and integrate the natural environment, the interior space design from pattern to traffic flow, storage to vision, The modern and simple design concept is based on the pleasure of human and space perception and the convenience of life, warm and comfortable, and the design composes the entire elegant living space.

Designer: Lin Shanghuai

Founder/Design Director of Sancquezhang Working time: 20 years
CIDA China Decoration Association Registered Designer: Senior Designer
CBDA China Building Decoration Member Designer: Senior Interior Architect
Design concept: Design with temperature, design without sticking to one pattern, with latitude and longitude, based on harmony between man and the natural environment, where people live, the foundation is everlasting.