INNOVATION Prize of Commercial Space

Dongguan Energy Group Headquarters Exhibition Hall


Project Name: Exhibition Hall of Dongguan energy group headquarters
Project location: Dongguan, China
Recommended area: 800m2
Design time: April 2019
Main design: Huang Zhi, Dongguan wise upward Design Co., Ltd
Design: Zeng Yihong, CEN Shengyong



this case takes the simple white arc shape as the leading element of space, which is a space of swimming, penetrating, whirling and rhythm. We hope to create a space for energy flow, and design the whole space as smooth as gas flow, and regularly move like the heart. After design, it has become a flexible modern scientific and technological world outlook. The interior color design of the space is simple and powerful, and the designer carefully selects the contrast of blue and white, in order to give people a sense of vision, the navigation of technological energy. All of them use blue embellishment tone to create atmosphere, with unique characteristics of modeling and space fusion. A lot of gas industrial pipeline collocation is applied to highlight the relationship between personalized design and energy connection. Every space has and uses a lot of points, lines, arcs and circles to create the importance of energy and the sense of science and technology.

Designer Huang Zhi

European model network founder
Founder of
ICDA Senior Interior Designer
Senior interior architect
Chinese interior design outstanding youth design
Top ten designers in Dongguan
2015 selected as economic figure of Dongguan economic "maker of the year"
Founder and design director of Dongguan wise upward Design Co., Ltd