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Design of Soft Decoration Space for the Model Room Project of Linyi Center
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This case is the soft decoration space design of the model room project of Linyi Center. It is located on the main trunk road of the new city center in Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province. The surrounding traffic is in all directions, the location is superior, and the traffic is convenient. It can meet the needs of successful people from all walks of life for travel, shopping, leisure, entertainment, etc., gather the light of the city, and make the city prosperous.
The living room space is endowed with a certain casual beauty through elegant brand furniture and carpet fabrics with texture and texture. At the same time, the combination of layered color embellishment gives people an appropriate sense of comfort and leisure. The combination of the island platform and the dining room space gives more space for the soft decoration. The choice of accessories is complicated and simplified, but more stacked, showing a certain flavor of life and relaxed dining experience. The combination of wooden tables and dining chairs, simple and elegant texture, complements the choice of space without all complexity.
Entering the tea room space, people are gradually calmed down. The appearance of green plants on the tea room table is not only a sense of ritual in life, but also a dialogue with nature. The display of tea cabinet art displays some of them with a certain sense of abstraction and age, which can not help but make people fall into deep thought... The sisal carpet in the multi-function area is combined with the light and shadow just taken in. The whole space looks transparent and relaxed. You can pick up books on the bookshelf and lie on a comfortable chair. It's the best time to enjoy reading all afternoon. The space of the children's room is decorated with the blue system, which endows the space with activity. Although the selection of furniture is significantly simpler, the matching of interesting themed ornaments adds space power. As the space decoration of the boy's room, the geometric bag looks mature and stable, so that the original children's room can also become exquisite and high-quality.
When you enter the master bedroom space, the soft neutral tone will soon make you relax and go to bed. The modern double bed has been designed to enclose, giving a certain sense of security to the sleeping space. The bedside table is selected in two asymmetrical styles, which can meet the requirements of space decoration and also take into account the functional placement. At the same time, the whole space and the study are connected. A little reading before going to bed will wash your mind and remove the tiredness of the whole day.
The collocation of the old people's room is also very classic, and the whole atmosphere shows a sense of tranquility. The combination of decorative paintings and flower vessels in the space forms a combination of blocks and planes, which has a deep aesthetic order and spiritual bearing, as if the time is slowed down by the earthy yellow embellishment of the bed and the arrangement of branches and flowers.

Agency: Beijing Jinghe International Decoration Design Co., Ltd

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