INNOVATION Prize of Hotel Club Space

Shanghe royal residence


Design of Shanghe royal residence in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Jiangnan misty rain, Jinling elegant.



The project adopts the new Chinese style and the pattern is square. The floor is mostly made of dark grey and light grey. The feeling of Qingshi road in the south of the Yangtze River leaps up. In the public space, there are many symmetrical wooden lattice cabinets displaying teapots, precious bottles and rare stones. Each display is highlighted. The close view is meticulous art, and the distant view is spectacular. The color of the wall is extremely elegant. The peacock green is matched with the white wall. Sometimes, the decoration board of the peacock green is hollowed out and inlaid with black three-dimensional landscape murals. Occasionally, a moon door is dug on the white wall and decorated with vase green branches or mountain stones and bamboos. The light of the light sets off the ornaments in the middle, and the freehand brushwork is everywhere.
Distant mountain, moon light gate
Lion, peace and elephant
He Shi Bi, Ru kiln
Each embellishment makes people willing to light the pace, appreciate it, praise it and take care of it.

Designer: Zheng Yun