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Design of guidance system of Huangmei Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Huangmei TCM Hospital is a regional TCM technical guidance center integrating medicine, teaching and research with prominent TCM features, complete departments and obvious advantages of specialized diseases. The design deduces that hanging a pot to help the world is an ancient praise for doctors and save people from pain. The doctor's benevolence, with medical skills to all sentient beings, the world called it, there is a pot to help the world said. In the interior space of Chinese style and new Chinese style and new classical style, we often see that the Chinese traditional pane style with the beauty of Oriental charm has also been placed by people with a variety of beautiful implications and expectations, thus forming a pane culture.

Agency:Beijing Rui Rong Construction Co., LTD

Beijing Ruirong Construction Co., Ltd. is a set of guide (subway, high-speed rail, national exhibition, commercial, urban furniture, medical hospitals, tourist attractions, star hotels, college education, residential real estate), print advertising, decoration, LED screen and other projects system planning, design, production, installation. Since its establishment, it has completed the logo system design and production of hundreds of projects in large and medium-sized cities across the country. As one of the diversified, modern enterprises. And through the building decoration engineering professional contracting level 2, steel structure engineering professional contracting level 3, labor subcontracting regardless of grade, quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification and obtained AAA level credit enterprise, contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise, excellent supplier, excellent legal representative, integrity management demonstration unit, safety production license Let's wait. Beijing Ruirong Construction Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of scientific development, in line with the enterprise purpose of "survival by quality, development by reputation", and follows the enterprise spirit of "integrity, professionalism, innovation and win-win", and strives to build the brand of Ruirong construction and make it stronger and bigger.
Since its establishment in 2008, Beijing Ruirong Construction Co., Ltd. has completed hundreds of project sign system planning, design and production business, and has its own professional development and research center and production base. And in the China International Building Decoration and Design Art Fair won the logo guide system program category "gold" and 2019-2020 China International building decoration industry Ten most original design institutions (logo guide system category), the 26th China International Advertising Festival won the "Great Wall Award", the third China "Craftsman Cup" logo competition won the "silver Award", "Bronze Award". At present, we have professional design and production bases in Beijing and Changzhou to provide a full range of professional services to the community.
Beijing Ruirong Construction Co., Ltd. has absorbed the essence of foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sign engineering in the continuous research and exploration practice, combined with the actual situation in China, and gradually formed its own unique style in practice:
Planning and design - comprehensive, reasonable and accurate
Logo design - novel, eye-catching, full of personality
Logo production - standard, exquisite, durable
After-sales service - timely, active and perfect
We always adhere to the leading international standards to provide quality services for enterprises and brands, in order to meet the ever-improving quality requirements of the market and customers. Organic combination of art and business, the maximum use of our professional advantages in the design ideas, with professional personalized creativity and exquisite manufacturing quality to enhance the customer's brand image and value.