Dahua Xingyao sales office
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Now, the sales office is no longer simply a display center, but began to take on more ancillary experience functions. When responsible for the interior design of Lujin Beijing Park and the royal sales office, we try to provide customers with the ultimate immersive commercial space, experiential marketing strategy and home service system. Such a multi-dimensional experiential space building also marks its official entry into the sales office 3.0 era.
Indoor ground and wall design, one bright one dark, form contrast, each area natural division open and quiet different space.
The overall color matching echoes and collides with each other, bringing people passion, transmitting positive feelings, and creating a special emotional atmosphere. The value of the collocation of hard clothes and soft clothes can be more and more solid with the passage of time.

Agency:Maudea Design Studio

Founded by Wally Mau in Shanghai in 2011, MAUDEA design is a diversified design experience partner design firm, committed to providing international interior, home, commercial, graphic and product design services for first-class enterprises in different industries, and has won many international design awards. MAUDEA design adheres to the rigorous design attitude of creating a connotation space full of profound cultural heritage and rich emotion. With the design concept of globalization in mind, we believe that the design is not a representation, but a reflection of the state of mind so as to express the aesthetics in a meticulous and rich way. After 10 several years of rapid development, MAUDEA design has nearly 200 team members. It has provided interior design and consulting services for more than 50 real estate groups, and has been highly recognized by Vanke, Sunac, Greenland, Jinmao, Xincheng, Xuhui, Renheng, Jindi, Zhongnan, Fuli, Zhengrong, Rongxin, Xinli, Jianfa, Midea and Lujin. In the Asia Pacific region, the firm also cooperates with world-renowned architects to create high-level and challenging cutting-edge projects.
The shepherd flute design works have won many authoritative design awards at home and abroad:SBD International Design Award, UK FX Design Award, US AMP Design Award, London Property Design Award, Italy A'DESIGNAWARD Gold Award, French GPDP AWARD International Design Award、Silver AIIDA AWARD International Innovation Design Award、Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award, Golden Creative International Space Design Award and other domestic and foreign design awards