Best of Model Room

Dafa Huahong Guojingfu -Model space


The peach trees are luxuriant and the peach blossoms are red, like the face of a bride. Her coming will make the family blessed.
Fuchsia is a good hope for home. The use of vertical and horizontal geometric structure to contrast with it is very different from the previous modern design techniques, expressing the power and determination of space, and highlighting the beauty of the overall space rationality and order.Our imagination of home.The stylistic art rules represented by Matisse are abstract and concise, based on calm and restrained beige gray, with rich "Bordeaux red" and gray blue as embellishments, and clever use of color collisions to achieve a new visual experience.

Designer: Gao Wei

VGC Founder and chief designer
Advocating positioning design, focusing on project characteristics, Contemporary spirit and traditional cultural connotation,
Be good at integrating nature, art and life perception into space.
Rigorous conception, profound accomplishment and ingenious design technique.
Committed to real estate and hotel design for more than ten years,
Widely recognized and praised by the industry, Treat every detail of every project with perseverance and seriousness