INNOVATION Prize of Office Design

Cybergame Industrialization Base


The best architecture is like this, we are deep in it, but we don't know where nature ends and where art begins. ——Lin Yutang



Art exists in the place where we work and live. A meaningful office will activate our memories inadvertently. Along with the development of Changtang network company, the office space has gone through three relocations, starting from the residential houses near Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou, to the science and technology park by Qiantang River, and then to the newly built office building. The environment of each relocation has witnessed the continuous development and growth of enterprises. From this period of development, the designer abstracted three themes: Xixi Wetland image, Qiantang River image and Baima Lake image representing the company's future prospects. With the space elements abstracted from these three special significance environments, we can awaken the spiritual cohesion of employees in the interior to the enterprise. We are all in it, and this image of moving forward is the beginning of art.

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