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CV Beauty SPA Salon


"Women's appearance to please themselves" is not only for others' dressing, but also for their own dressing. A good skin foundation can only "light makeup and thick makeup are suitable", is a beautiful self-confidence, no gorgeous makeup, gorgeous coat, from the heart, the skirt will fly. And this is also the designer's grasp on the scale of the space, "subtraction" treatment of the space, dismantling each block surface, "forward and retreat" between the color and material dimensions. As a carrier of beauty, space kneads every detail into the space, giving a sense of rhythm, and shaping a clean and elegant temperament, reflecting the tension of softness and self-confidence.
The arc-shaped white grille is used above the hall to create a sense of ritual, with a sense of respect, and it also shapes the lightness, simplicity and openness of the space. In terms of spatial structural elements, the white design theme combined with curved panels creates a spatial sense on the rigid walls, reflecting a beautiful and solemn atmosphere. At the same time, the diffuse light source above is used to make the space rise to a soft sense, allowing the integration of space The layers are clear and the texture is suddenly on the paper.
In a space where the area is not easy, connect the indoor and outdoor spaces through floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to be visually expanded with a nearly pure white hue, and after being connected with the association of color, light and shadow, material, texture, and line, both separate The functional area can enrich the sense of spatial hierarchy. The diversified and calm changes aim to give the dual attributes of elegance and professionalism to the unlimited comfort and enjoyment of the CV Aesthetics Museum.
Women are synonymous with elegance, and elegance is a pure breath, a pure and natural charm. Based on the design attitude and life aesthetics, the designer who puts his heart at heart, "less is more", just use the convex wall shape to cancel the baseboard, thus adding the refraction effect of the ground back light, for the beauty room The atmosphere is created like a work of art, infused with a fashionable atmosphere. Deep down the aisle, each extension will give you a different feeling. This is due to the visual expansion of the upper horizontal lines in the space, and the built-in light refracting the wall, which makes the space atmosphere quiet and soft, and at the same time better avoids the light shadows generated during the work. This is the avenue to simplicity, which interprets the beauty of space to the fullest, which coincides with the philosophy of "leave blank" in Chinese painting.
The entire space not only retains its own form of beauty, but also presents different functional forms and artistic sense in a pure space. Perhaps this is what the designer wants in his heart. With every point of being the ultimate life aesthetics, a comfortable and relaxed aesthetic utopia that separates from reality is built to facilitate people's freedom and meditation and return to essence.

Designer: MingChen,CHEN

Founder & Design Director of TOMA Design company
Executive Director,ICIDA International Council of Interior Architects and Designers,
Fuzhou Area Executive Director of IAI Asia-pacific Alliance of Architects and Interior Designers,
Vice-Chairman of Fujian Interior Decoration and Fitment Association,
Vice-Chairman of Furnishing Art Committee of Fujian Interior Decoration Association,
Director of Fujian Young Entrepreneurs Association
Member of China Young Entrepreneurs Association

Designer: Li Dashan