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CTS•Qianchuanyue-Qianguang Art Museum
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Qianguang Art Museum uses the main color of "super-sensory orange" and multiple arcs to apply to the whole space, so that the whole space escapes the visual limitations of traditional buildings, and vision becomes very vital in the light and shadow of buildings and lights.
At this stage, the art gallery is only used as an exhibition center. In the future, it will become the owner's exclusive clubhouse. The clubhouse includes a shared book room, a heated swimming pool, a wine and cigar room, a gym, a yoga room, etc., with good services integrated into the details.
Light has no shape, and the existence of objects gives light a shape.The appearance of light starts a wonderful and romantic journey of chasing light.Seeing the existence of light, I chased after it.Light falls on objects, and through reflection and refraction, colorful halos fill the space.
The main installation at the entrance is illuminated from the glass window  by simulating the skylight. The moment when it falls on the rocks, and then is reflected into the space through the mirror material and dazzling color of the device itself, so that the light and color of the space will produce subtle changes according to the movement of the sun's altitude angle.The appearance of light starts a wonderful and romantic journey of chasing light.

A series of vivid figurines are implanted in the space, sitting, standing, running, or jumping.All actions are changed due to the appearance of "light".Space has no emotion at all, but it is given life by light and a series of human activities.
A circle of light seems to be waiting for the light to appear, slowly illuminating the whole world and enriching the form of the world.
Every childhood dreams of blowing the biggest bubble, seeing the colorful light through the bubble, the colorful world, chasing after the light, chasing after the dream.Colorful and gorgeous bubbles are good memories of childhood, and it is also our childhood dream about the word "beautiful". It is the embodiment of beauty and the opening form of dreams!Childlike is that you hide, I find you, and then chase the light and go home secretly.Under the guidance of light, meet the light, point to the presence of the light, and create a truly otherworldly, powerful and energizing world .

Agency: Kaisha Creative Design

Kaisha Creative Design Group is a Frontier Design Company with “Business Goodness". It is committed to providing creative and design service agencies that provide space aesthetics, product research and development, and advanced customization for top 100 real estates, hotels and high-end clubs.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, there are currently Chengdu companies in the southwest region, Hangzhou companies in the east China region, Jinan companies in the north region, etc., and a nationwide centralized procurement center has been set up in the Shenzhen headquarters to apply new products to the design at the fastest speed. The quality of products and the progress of production are under perfect and professional control.
Kaisha Design Group brings together many top designers at home and abroad.Through more than ten years of unremitting development, it has accumulated rich design practical experience, and at the same time has integrated a systematic centralized procurement supply chain system to provide high-level design services for forward-looking customers in different industries.Adhering to the near-perfect design attitude, refined management mode, and emphasizing the creation of new space value for customers.