CRRC Changchun History&Cultural Street Exhibition Hall
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The project site encompasses the area where Changchun Locomotive Works, established in 1954, was constructed and became operational. Additionally, it includes Kuanchengzi Station of Middle East Railway, which dates back to 1889. The total land area of the project site is approximately 80 hectares. The initial step in the design process involves the construction of the city exhibition hall & showhouse, which encompasses a building area measuring 1650 square meters. The design draws inspiration from historical architectural styles and memory of the urban industrial past, serving as a catalyst for the creative formation of a "time space." By incorporating traditional cultural narratives, the emotional recollections of citizens, and distinctive industrial symbols into the new building interior design. Furthermore, the spatial arrangement effectively divides the area into three distinct thematic sections and five function areas dedicated to the preservation of memory and personal experiences through the strategic utilization of layout and moving line. The artistic installations present in the space consist of train, MechWarrior X-chine, and two sets of interactive artworks.
Every original piece of furniture, lamps, and decorations is accompanied by a wide range of materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The product design offers a glimpse into the past with its re-creative design strategy of vintage machine tools and gears of locomotive factory, evoking a sense of visiting a time-honored museum. This experience allows individuals to appreciate the distinctive manifestation of contemporary product design. The vision that space design conveys to individuals is one that encompasses both the past and the future.

Agency:Wing & Associates Design

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