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Creation and thinking Light – Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters


In modern cities, there are many high-rise buildings, and reinforced concrete has created people's rigorous and orderly office scenes. How to make people release their bodies and minds and maintain vitality in fast-paced and high-speed work, so that the office space has both functional attributes and comfortable experience. The starting point for the design of this case. The designer Mr. Gamma thinks that: light is the best stimulant, which can regulate people's emotions, invigorate the spirit, improve the taste of life and work efficiency, and improve various physiological functions of the human body.
Designer Gamma applied the concept of man-made "sun", cosmic energy, and infinite light to the creative thinking of this case. At the same time, it symbolizes that Hengli Group, a Fortune 500 company, is advancing with the times, developing vigorously and full of vitality. Pursuing ecological, environmentally friendly, simple, modern, and comfortable design concepts, the relationship between points, lines and surfaces adopts the design techniques of interior architecture, which is relaxed and strong. Reject luxury and complexity, and create a natural, harmonious and upward space atmosphere.
The design of Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters not only has a strong sense of modernity, but also emphasizes the high-efficiency, professional and pragmatic characteristics of the enterprise with simple design techniques.
The road is simple, simple and extraordinary. The elevator room is made of marble, fish maw white stone board, and stainless steel imitation copper board. The simple material is simple and full of artistic texture. In the open space design, it is placed on the cutting-edge trend of contemporary design. The ground and the roof form a mirror effect that reflects each other. Fashionable linear light strips and facade lines cut the space in an orderly manner, constructing an infinite extension of space vision.
/Reception area
The overall appearance of the reception area at the front desk is open and intuitive, empty and clear, reflecting the elegant, restrained, calm and atmospheric oriental charm. The artistic grid shape is used as a partition to sort out the relationship between the building form and space in an orderly and flexible manner, so that the function and temperament of the space are integrated.
The space is left blank, the designer uses the poetic spirit of the Eastern style, elegant and lofty, presenting a concise and elegant contemporary aesthetic texture, creating a harmonious and comfortable humanistic experience in the space. The circle represents infinity, and the large dome light strip makes the space more bright and transparent. The shape of the wood and the texture of the stone correspond to each other, condensing the expression of nature by the oriental elements, in simplicity without losing dignity.
/Chinese restaurant
The concise and beautiful colors convey the elegant and elegant temperament. Large floor-to-ceiling windows make the entire space more transparent, integrating lighting, ventilation and physical comfort.
/Office of the Chairman
/General Manager's Office
The wide field of vision in the space design triggers infinite reveries and reflections, and the sunlight and scene outside the window are fully visible, creating a rich and spacious atmosphere. There are hills in the chest, where lofty and strength are gathered, time is waiting, and more calm. The simple artistry of the space is a design temperament pursued by the designer. The simple Chinese office furniture and oriental elements present a solemn and high-end texture and a calm and introverted oriental temperament.
Tea room
The tea room creates a simple, quiet and elegant, natural and simple conversation and communication scene. The space here is a kind of abstract concreteness, a kind of feeling, a kind of mood, a silent meeting between the literati's interest and the realistic demands.
Rooftop reception hall
The reception hall space still continues the basic humanistic color and quiet and elegant temperament, adopting concise lines and simple and elegant materials, showing a low-key gorgeousness. The landscape paintings on the walls have unique meaning, removing the complexity and noise, and flowing but quiet and beautiful. The concise artistic partition enriches the sense of hierarchy in the space and emphasizes the communication, penetration and integration of the internal and external environments. People can relax and chat, share wine and delicacies here.

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