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Conceptual Planning Scheme of Xian(Xian Yang) Cultural and Sports Functional Area
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The scheme takes "Ruyi Lake" and the city flower "Ziwei Flower" as the design concept, and "culture, sports and modernity" as the core idea to create a green building complex with "ecology, green, environmental protection and leisure" as the design premise, which fully reflects the vitality and prosperity of Weicheng District. Choose the concept of "Ruyi Lake" Ruyi, which means good luck. And the flower language of the Ziwei flower is also good luck, and the combination of the two collides with the spark of thought. The shopping center is based on the Ziwei flower, which is surrounded by different levels of urban roads. The shape of the "petals" integrates the revealing surface and accessibility of the building into the city. Flowers and trees grow silently, buildings showcasing Xi'an's multi-level and diversified urban blocks. Overlooking this gorgeous complex from above, it is like a vibrant artistic flower, penetrating and transmitting young and happy cultural music to the surroundings and even Xianyang.
With flowers as a source of inspiration, the strong curve design is the main body, combined with several surrounding plots, to form a "cell unit" with a soul. Taking advantage of the wide venue and visual focus of the outdoor plaza, it can attract people to enter quickly, making it an ideal place for indoor and outdoor activities and exhibitions. The overall design layout pursues the beauty of lines, and the plane pursues the flexibility and elegance of arcs. The façade pursues novelty, simplicity, and generosity, and tries to achieve smooth lines, simple shapes, and obvious zoning, which can be integrated into the surrounding architectural environment and can also reflect a sense of modern fashion. Ski resort, swimming pool, children's playground, and other supporting facilities, the whole space is zoned clear and fully dynamic, with a comprehensive design concept to create an ultra-modern characteristic space.

Designer:Zhang Xiang

Chief Consultant of JR Global, Executive Director, Graduate Degree, University Professor, First-class Researcher, AIA Registered Architect, Global Top 30 Chinese Designer, Member of Government Think Tank. Winner of the first prize of the 2021 Key Project of the China Association for Science and Technology, an outstanding teacher in national universities, the founding dean of JR School of Architecture, and the drafter of China's health care and elderly care planning and design specifications. He has several design monographs and papers and has hosted or participated in many classic projects of government and social investment around the world. He has won numerous awards. And he has his place in the world in urban planning, commercial architecture, and hotel design.