INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales

Cloud Rises Show Flat


Fusheng Group’s Cloud Rises Show-flat is located in Fujian, a province of southeast China with a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Since the main building was built in the late 50’s, the strategy adopts a profound respect for history. Focused on the concepts of preservation, heritage and innovation, they achieved through almost 3 years of research that ultimately conceived the project as a “Timeless Art Gallery”.
Inspired by the Monet Garden, the design team carried out a protective development of the classic buildings to create a community closer to nature.
By using a large number of immersive elements, the area is designed to make visitors blend with the scenery. Through the main axis of the spring fountains, visitors can walk into a space to be welcomed in Monet’s atelier or listen to Monet’s wife play the piano.
The team not only preserves the building, but also fully respects the original natural landscape. They designed an exquisite solution to protect the hundred-years-old banyan trees in the area.
Furthermore, the interiors adopt the method of the “glass box” as main creative concept, crafting the perfect intersection between indoors and outdoors. Such juxtaposition pays tribute to master architect I.M. Pei –an atmosphere fully imbued with architectural ceremony yet respectful of the original structure.
The water bar displays a series of Monet’s paintings, the functional part is embedded in the walls from which the fabric breaks through in a very creative way.
WHY SHOULD YOU WIN? * Depending on the category, the jury will consider the following criteria: functionality (including but not limited to user-friendliness and flexibility), innovation (including but not limited to the use of materials, products, and technology), artistic merit, sustainability, and social impact. Please tell us how your project meets some or all of the relevant criteria in 1500 characters or less (approximately 200 words).
This project is a renovation based on the Fuzhou Commercial School’s structure built in 1958, we combines eclectic, time-worn frameworks with traditional Hokkien architecture and Western architectural features, preserving one hundred-years-old banyan trees and classic architectural elements in an organic reintegration strategy.
We wish to create a homeland which can connect people closer to the nature, but also super artistic place, so Monet’s Garden which located in Giverny gave inspired us. We carried out a protective development of the classic buildings to create a community closer to nature.
In the center of the main building, we placed a large Japanese art flower installation of Ikebana, which conveys the artistic spirit of free material and free expression.
As visitors step into the building, the original bluestone materials from the exterior are replaced by a modern pathway that looks almost like a fashion catwalk, welcoming guests into the sales center.
Elements such as trails, water ponds and flower trails create an enigmatic garden where the mist rises and gives way to a romantic artistic landscape that gracefully combines the virtual and the real.
As the first highlight of the main building, the “glass box” reception hall is extremely ingenious. It creates a unique scene. Just imagine walking through the Monet Garden to the glass corridor of a “crystal palace”. Both the garden and the natural light visible indoors create a dreamy light and shadow atmosphere.

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