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Interior designer, Louis Liou, likes a story tell, follow the architecture line to experiment a Journey. A place with clear cloud, flow fall, shining sun and unlimited Galaxy.
“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”
― by Vincent Van Gogh
From the architecture line and nature light dedicated the experience of the galaxy, Louis who outlined the rhyme of time and space, the convergence of lines in the distance, to reflect the future of the new philosophy of life. An inspirational modern fable of the brilliant confluence of city stars with moon and water streamer.
The hall uses natural light and the layering of architectural lines to refine the spatial structure, and the rich layers of metal material modeling to transform the field of light. Among the space, to catch the beauty of moon and stars. By applying lights and shade, to create the rhythm and temperature of the space with the floating clouds image, and to contour the shape mood on the clouds
Intersect Multiple arcs and vertical golden metal wall to bring up the the imagination of existing urban space. The unbounded expression of the white space, together with the circular arc ladder, creates the illusion of walking on the clouds, and moves the ordinary perspective to the top of the clouds and a starry sky
The scale designed by the master develops the art of narration. Quiet and clear water connects the indoor and outdoor areas, unfolds the narration of light and shadow, and hides another parallel space in the world of looking through the mirror and steel concrete.
The water in the lobby leads the visual spot continuing from outdoor to indoor. The drapery lamps hanging down slowly from the void space, echoing with the starry sky. The bright starlight breaks through time and space, and freezes the elegance of light and shadow to reveal the oriental aesthetic wisdom with the metal luster of curtain wall. The lack of an opaque spandrel at the two floor levels creates a gap between the curtain wall and the floors and helps bring much-appreciated daylight down to the ground level of the north-facing enclosed space.
The silent and stable of the material contrast metal’s glossy shimmery, Warm and cold material, contrasting form horizontal and vertical wall, attracting more visitors to the sales center. To scatter furniture about at random, the layout and irregular shape of sofa in the meeting area form a natural atmosphere of functions and stories, and the rhythm show the streamer, stepping on the melody of time and space. Luxuriant light is drawing as a logical conclusion of spatio-temporal rhyme, like a starry sky bright romance. Elegant Oriental beauty shining with the light of the modern parable about the visible future of times in a modern aesthetic space.

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Hangzhou Jiading Interior Design Co., Ltd. & Hangzhou Jingdian furnishing Co., Ltd. is jointly founded by international famous cross-border architecture / interior designer and artist Louis Liou and famous designer Franco Chen. With VerySpace international space as the core brand, the company distributes international business in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Taipei, Vancouver and New York. Since its establishment, VerySpace international has completed hundreds of successful design projects in Vancouver, New York, Taipei, Bei jing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Quanzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, Hefei and Shen yang.