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City of Sky


Designer: Wang Yu Yang
Classification of works: villas and luxury houses
Description of the city of the sky
Title: City of the Sky
Main Case Design: Yang Wangyu
Location of the project: Hangzhou, China
Project area: 700 square meters
Main materials: Yide Legalist wood, Zhengcheng International Stone, Banyan Wall, Kohler Sanitary Ware, Douglas Tile, Mironi Floor.
Design time: 2017/10
Completion time: 2019/07
"Shuowen" has a cloud: "Home, home. Save your voice from sin."
It is the carrier of family life, the nest of human shelter from wind and rain, and the social life unit composed of family members.
As for the creation of artists, it is never a collection of single midpoints in a plane. How it comes and goes, and how it is spiritual tonality, all of which test the designer's ability of life planning to reconcile relations, and the association of life content triggered by concepts reach a fine landing in the overall and detailed level.
In the extreme cooperation of the owner, the designer adjusts the structural relationship according to the circulation experience of space, accurately grasps the matching of proportion and scale, and integrates the owner's favorite modern style with Oriental aesthetics. From the macro point of view, the relationship between indoor and outdoor space of the villa is skillfully controlled, and the details are in the size of the painting and the shape of the lamp are repeatedly deliberated. Creation can trigger emotional resonance with the experiencer and highlight the beauty of tailor-made.
Space light and shadow flow, stories continue to occur.
This summer, I will fix the memory, with 100% landing effect, to return this beautiful meeting with the owners.
Because of the strong contrast between the north and South congenital conditions of the building in this case, the north side is close to the mountain body, and the unconditional window opening; the south side has a huge garden, wide vision, lighting of the first floor restaurant location. Ventilation has become a thorny problem, seriously inadequate, the design will open part of the floor above the restaurant empty part of the floor into a glass pyramid, mining. The problem of light ventilation has been well solved. In winter, the sun shines directly into the restaurant. The family enjoys their meals and instantly has a full sense of happiness.
White large area blank through the use of different light tone materials, cleverly shape the functional space of each floor, appropriate to create a comfortable and elegant quiet atmosphere.

Wang Yu Yang
Designer: YANG WANG YU

Famous private house space designer
In 2000, he began to study the design process of Chinese home villas, which has not changed and will not change in the future.
We have cooperated with many projects of American hbadesign company, and have served Hengji real estate in Hong Kong.
Member of China Building Decoration Association registered architectural decoration designer of China Building Decoration Association (Certificate No. 020908554, seal No. 02091924)
It advocates the innovation and diversity of design, customizes personalized high-end full design residential space for the elite class, and completes many private villa residence and model room design projects in Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
Design concept: if a person focuses on one thing in his life, it must be about faith.