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City Investment Xiyungu Model Room Design C2
Designer / Agency
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The project is located at the foothills of the beautiful Baiyun Mountains with emerald mountains and beautiful scenery. It is adjacent to Nanhu Golf Club and enjoys a natural natural resource landscape. Under the creation of design, the beauty of the full spectrum created by nature can be traced. An initial moving evolved into a spatial work. Every centimeter of color, pattern and texture in the space has been poured into the designer's smart language, carefully selected art and design, so that objects can form an interesting dialogue of harmony or conflict with each other.


OPS a creative and dynamic company. Since its establishment 8 years ago, based on Guangzhou-Shenzhen "twin cities", OPS products cover hotels, clubs, sales centers, model rooms, commercial office, residential and so on. It has international design firm gene, providing one-stop service. In addition, we has always provided ultimate service to the space quality and design has a high level of pursuit of customer groups. Adhering to the purpose of innovation in design, we have been contributing harmonious and comfortable design experience to many customers by taking the profitability of customers and business development into account.