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Location: Luhe County, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province
Client: Shanwei Xincheng Construction and Development Co., LTD
Interior finish: Matrix Design
Furnishing: Matrix Mingcui
Photographer: SHI XIANG WAN HE
Design area: 700㎡
Main materials: aluminum plate, art glass, black mirror stainless steel, textured paint, transparent film
Design date: 2021
The project is located in the smart integrated urban-rural demonstration zone in the Southern New City, Luhe County, Shanwei city. Within the grand strategic framework of integrated development in the Bay Area, Shanwei has strong connectivity among areas. Considering the spirit of the location, the design team pays attention to the connection between nature and emotion. The diversified geometric language runs through the structure of the space, and the balance between the whole and details in the space with strong social attributes builds a streamlined community complex, creating a future island of science, technology and futuristic avant-garde art.
The natural transition between the scene of future science and technology and the green ecological environment displays a new scene-like experience. A circle of simulated green plants is set around the elevator hall on the negative first floor, reflecting colorful changes under the crystal lights, which are quite consistent as if the stars shine with the Milky Way in the boundless universe. Dream and reality are set off each other, creating a more vivid experience of the starry night.
The architectural sense of space maximizes the possibility of art. The aperture glimmers, and the mirror reshapes the space, which highlight its calmness, rationality and restraint.
The curvilinear language depicts the endless exploration of the future, which is strong, powerful, like a tree rising from the ground. Large quality gray aluminum plates serve as the carrier. The perforated aluminum plates on the ceiling seem to have many flickering stars, blurring the distance between the reality and the ideal.
Holding the thought that “Threshold of Imagination -- the Evocation of Shadow, Light and Time", the immersive multi-sensory experience gradually reveals its dimensions and variations.
Complex stainless-steel surrounds the mirror-polished sphere, where colorful lights burst from the inside. Warm and cool tones blend with each other, directly echoing the changing energy of the architecture.
At night, the architecture is home to countless stars; During the day, it is unobstructed. Science and technology are blended into life to show a multi-dimensional interactive lifestyle. Inspired by the natural star orbit, the design of the ceiling adopts dynamic light beam rotating constantly with the central axis of the island as the core.
Stars covers the Milky Way. Hidden in a curved sky under the light, the book corner is a representation of using space effectively and smoothly with the concept of minimalism.
Heavily-armed astronauts fly slowly, looking up at the stars in the sky to explore another possibility of human migration and to search for a new kind of freedom, a scene that creates a holographic experience with the help of the digital technology.

Agency: Matrix Design