Best of Home Residence

Circle of Life


This project is a new construction. The clients include two adults and two daughters which the parents emphasize the children’s living environment during the age of learning and play. Therefore, the use of "circular" materials not only makes the space easier and safer for children to live in, also reflects the client’s longing for “reunion and harmony” for the family. Therefore, using circular shapes in multiple spaces, and coherently match with round soft decorations and lamps, forms a harmonious space appearance. In the "circle" configuration, the hollow semi-transparent techniques and the interlacing of different materials are used to define the field division. Simultaneously, different materials are used as invisible boundary on the traffic flow of the overall space, so that various fields can be more harmonious and convenient in practical use. In addition to the consideration of function and movement, the client also has the desire to pursue natural scenery. Therefore, in the space, the depiction of natural image corresponds with the scenery outside the window shows the virtual and real beauty of the natural imagery.


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