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It says in Spirited Away, "Always look ahead, never look back, or you will never be able to return to that world." So in this project,we try to create a Hongyadong in the sense of the world to the direction of nature and light.
When I was a child in Chongqing, what I can't forget is the "Bangbang boys of mountain City". Whom carrying a bamboo pole and shouting all the time. These kinds of memories carry too many designers' feelings for this city. In this place, "the water runs along the mountain, and the mountain is beside the water", which has a unique scenery of "the city is on the mountain, and the mountain is in the city".
This project is opposite to Hongyadong(a famous ancient gate) across the river. Therefore, the designer expects to achieve a spiritual resonance in the design. YAN DESIGN extracts the clear structure, exquisite material and three-dimensional moving line of the building of the mountain city, and constructs the geometric space full of the sense of power and spiritual significance, responding to the connotation of the living in the mountain city.
Shuttling in the rugged terrain of Chongqing, when the car across the Yangtze River bridge, we have a clear view of the Hongyadong. This set off a flurry of ideas for the designer, which is also his design constantly find their own process. To let the abstract Hongyadong and the opposite hongyadong set each other off.
Hollow weave texture stone in the light as the wave of water flow. The reception desk refers to a boat, which reminds people of a boat trip by the river. On the left and right sides of the metal decorative lamp belt modeling through the reflection of the ground reflects a complete woven form of the circle.
"Create scenarios" is not only the aesthetic connotation of the scene created by the Oriental aesthetics, but also the artistic conception of the whole space near the mountain. The exhibition corridor takes the mountain and river volume as the carrier, and also takes the form sense of the book, and shapes the space with the unique form language.


YAN DESIGN was established in 2005. It has a group of designer teams and construction teams with great creativity, cohesion, and unique design ideas. The team is rich, ambitious but down-to-earth, and has a sharp design touch. Enjoy creation and challenges, be brave to undertake, and be good at communication. Together. With a team of more than 60 people, including 50 professionals, they focus on the research and practice of high-end real estate project interior design, such as sales centers, creative demonstration units, and refined decoration delivery standards. Provide professional and systematic concepts and services such as planning, planning, construction guidance, and soft accessories. Strong design force, diverse design style, rich field experience, with more than a decade of real estate industry, various types of space interior design experience, can accurately grasp customer needs.