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Chongqing-Chaotianmen Center 48F Chao Luxury Model Room: Gotham
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The design is presented high above the Chaotianmen Center in Chongqing, occupying the 44th and 48th floors respectively. Continuing with the original trend of this magical city, its elements are fully expressed in the design, bringing new "toys" to the "players".
The nouveau riche are eager to get rid of the boring life of steel castles and concrete forests, and are looking for a new way of life. They want to find a spiritual world that they can enjoy, explore and pursue on their own, free from the constraints of routine.
Chongqing, a metropolis full of charm and vitality, with its unique geographic location and historical and cultural heritage, is naturally reminiscent of the movie world of Gotham, where there is a man that every boy dreams of becoming, Batman, whose imposing, bloodthirsty masculinity fascinates and admires.
In the city of Gotham, Batman, as a highly respected comic book hero character, his courageous and resolute spirit is deeply embedded into the core of the overall space. Combined with the spirit of Batman, it creates a space that is both modern and classical, drawing on the black and gold elements of Batman to create a stylish and sophisticated spatial atmosphere.

Designer:Jian Zhang

Graduated from China Academy of Art.
Worked in Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute.
Gold Mantis Shanghai Design Institute.