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Chinese classical Intangible Cultural Heritage creative product —–“Penglai Wonderland”
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The large-floor screen "Penglai Wonderland" is a decorative art work created by some embroidery Niang collective in the Intangible cultural Heritage Embroidery production base of Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, China. The work is a combination of fine carved frame of safflower pear from Brazil and hand-embroidered "Penglai Pavilion landscape". The work is fine and full of artistic charm. This 2 frame length 2.65 meters, 2.3 meters high, embroidery picture 2 meters, 1 meter high "Penglai Fairyland" can be placed in the office conference room, hotel welcome hall, building lobby, reception room of the club, or garden, exhibition hall, museum, entertainment open area, they can not only play the embellishment of the overall architectural decoration environment, It can also stimulate people's feelings for the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and promote the inheritance and development of China's intangible cultural heritage.
“Penglai’Wonderland” Located on Danya Mountain in the northwest of Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, Penglaige covers an area of about 32,800 square meters. The main building of Penglai Pavilion was built in the sixth year of Jiayou of the Song Dynasty (1061). The attic is 15 meters high and sits to the south of the north. It is a double-storey wooden structure. There is a golden plaque hanging in the pavilion, on which there are three strong characters of "Penglai Pavilion" written by Qing calligrapher Tiebao. There are poems of famous scholars hanging on the east and west walls. Near the Pavilion, there are more than 200 inscriptions on the sea view of scholars of all dynasties. In the south of the pavilion, there are three Qing Hall, Lu Zu Hall, Tianhou Palace, Dragon Palace and other Taoist temple buildings, which are built according to the Danya mountain, layer upon layer, the height is scattered, and the pavilion is integrated, with a total construction area of more than 18,900 square meters; In the east of the pavilion, Guanlan Pavilion is built in the southeast, which is a place to watch the sunrise in the East China Sea. On the west of the pavilion, it is famous for watching a mirage, and because it has no Windows on three sides. In the north of the pavilion, a short wall is built to protect it. The whole building is steep and precipitous, imposing momentum, Zhubi glow, magnificent scenery. And located under Penglai Pavilion prickly pear bridge, exquisite structure, wonders and historic sites rich, so Penglai Pavilion also known as a "fairyland" world. After vicissitudes of life, Penglai Pavilion has developed into an ancient architecture group as the central axis, Penglai Water City and Tianhengshan as the two wings, four cultures (immortal culture, Jingwu culture, port culture, Marine culture) as the foundation, mountains (Danyashan), sea (Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea), city (Penglai Water City), Pavilion (Penglai Pavilion) as the natural scenery, Dengzhou Museum, Ancient Ship Museum, Tianhengshan Mountain, Hehai Pavilion and the coordinates of the boundary between the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea are more than 20 scenic spots for historical sites, cultural landscape, leisure and entertainment in one. In 1982, Penglai Pavilion was listed as a state key cultural relic protection unit,It is a national 5A-class scenic spot, In 2022, it be included in the "List of Preferred Projects for Integrated Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Tourism in China".

Agency: Beijing Alliance International Commerce Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, our company has more than 10 years of experience and market awareness in promoting cultural and creative products, intangible cultural products, national geographical indication products, and Central European geographical indication products. Now it has the intangible cultural heritage product trademarks "Aifusi" and "Defeng" registered by the National Trademark Office, which are well-known brand products in China. At present, the brand products that have been promoted are distributed all over the country, and the marketing network covers more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The main products of our company: embroidery products with various forms of fine carving frame configuration designed by ourselves, with patterns of flowers, landscapes, people, animals, still life, etc., and types of ornaments, pendants, screens, floor screens, handicrafts; Interior decorative art materials combining ancient and modern times with foreign countries. The product design originates from the original intangible cultural heritage history and culture, calligraphy and painting, changes in modern human living environment, ancient and modern people's ideas, etc. Our company pursues innovation and improvement on the basis of continuous inheritance and development, and forms its own brand, cultural and creative product characteristics, and domestic and foreign market share.