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Changzhou Yuelanting, a high-end product series of hundreds of billions of state-owned enterprises "Lanting", is located in the center of Changzhou Tianning District. It has 120 ° east longitude, Zijing Park, Tianning District Party Committee, Financial and Business District, and a 5.5km urban green corridor. It is close to the dinosaur park plate in the north, surrounded by the district government, three parks, three rivers, and double viaducts, and enjoys the surrounding business, education, parks, medical and other mature resources, making it a low-density ecological residential highland in the city. In addition, the project has invested a lot of money to invite three international first-line masters to work together to build the project. It absorbs the technology of the 400 year old garden, integrates the international vocabulary, uses 70% of the villa stacking rules, and 1.5 ultra-low density floor area ratio to create 360 pieces of rare products, so that the world can re understand the charm of contemporary Chinese architecture and oriental life.

Agency: Changzhou High tech Rongheng Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd

Suzhou Sugao Group Co., Ltd. ("Sugao Group"), established in 1990, is a wholly state-owned enterprise directly under the Administrative Committee of Suzhou Hi tech Zone. At present, the total asset scale is 121.4 billion yuan, the main credit rating is AAA, and there are 26 first-class enterprises, 29 joint-stock enterprises, holding a listed company and a professional venture capital group. Adhering to the brand concept of "making urban life better", the Group focuses its business field on urban operation, comprehensive development and industrial investment, and aims at regional development and operation service integrators to provide comprehensive solutions for urban and rural construction and development, people's living and working in peace and contentment, and high-end industrial agglomeration.
In recent years, Su Hi Tech Group has been striving to be the first in the industry. Su Embroidery Town has been selected as one of the top 50 characteristic towns in China, Su Embroidery cultural and creative products have won provincial gold awards, property companies have been ranked among the top 100 property companies in China, and remain among the top 30 industrial real estate companies in China. Each construction project has won one gold award for steel structure of China's architectural engineering, five awards for decoration of China's architectural engineering, 64 projects have won provincial and municipal honors such as "Yangtze Cup" and "Gusu Cup", The Group was awarded as the provincial advanced collective for law popularization during the Seventh Five Year Plan period and the outstanding grass-roots party organization in Suzhou's state-owned assets system. Entering a new stage of development, the Group will continue to maintain a steady and efficient development momentum and play an active role in the construction of provincial and urban key projects, such as Nanjing University Suzhou Campus, Shishan Cultural Plaza, Tencent (Suzhou) Digital Industry Base, to make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the region.