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Chifeng Songshan Wanda Plaza


"The art of observation. Architects must know how to observe the world: what they see can transcend rational analysis."
——Luis Barragan

Chifeng is a land full of vitality in the northern borders of China. It is a natural museum with biological and geological diversity, which has nurtured generations of ancestors in the vast fertile fields. The project is located in Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, which is the political, economic and cultural center of the city, and a transportation hub connecting Hongshan District, Xincheng District and Qiaobei Logistics Park. Has a rich humanistic spirit, resource endowment and development potential.
The blue sky, mountain peaks, and landforms outline the beautiful scenery of Chifeng's great rivers and mountains. The design is inspired by nature, and is implanted with considerations about geography, environment, and humanities. After the second refinement and creation, it integrates the lifestyles of modern people, expressing an ethereal, graceful and atmospheric spatial feeling. The tranquility of the lake, the uprightness of the mountains, the wildness of the original, and the open-minded emotional spirit contained in Inner Mongolia's horse riding culture...all the regional impressions are transformed into design brushwork, awakening the memory and vitality of the city.
When I first saw the architecture, the lines are strong, simple and direct, just like the bold character of the grassland nation, and welcome the guests from all directions with a tolerant attitude. The column is constructed as a hollow screen, which vaguely defines the field relationship. The sky, buildings, and people are reflected on the water, and the picture is divided into two, forming a contrast and reflection of movement and stillness, and virtuality and reality, making nature and the city touch.
The overall interior design echoes the architectural form, emphasizes the transparency of the space and humanistic feelings, and uses modern methods to illustrate the current lifestyle and aesthetic orientation. The front hall reception and the water bar are connected together to form an interspersed relationship, giving the space continuity, with black lines extending vertically and horizontally, making it clean.
In the sandboard area, sunlight shines in through the glass canopy, causing the light and shadow lines to intersect with the solid lines. The local mountain peaks and stone forests in Chifeng, with their excellent line expressiveness, are translated into a unique language that shapes the space, highlighting the upright sense of the entire field, which is integrated with the light.
"A piece of light silk dyes the morning glow", the cloud-shaped installation establishes a transitional relationship between the front hall and the negotiation area in an inseparable manner, and this artistic landscape has become the finishing touch and touches the depth of the memory of the entire space. In the architectural design philosophy of German architect Mies van der Rohe, "less is more". Whether closed or open space is shaped, it can create another concept with different-flowing, permeable, and inseparable artistic expression.
The concept of fluid space continues to the negotiation area. Through horizontal and vertical design, an orderly, open and inclusive space is formed. The large-scale use of marble combines natural light and shadow elements, highlights natural texture, and combines with art to demonstrate natural and humanistic feelings, and deepen space quality and aesthetics. Through the glass, the outdoor natural landscape can be seen. People feel the gift of nature indoors, and the space and nature form a quiet dialogue.
Culture has two forms of existence, one exists in the human heart in the form of collective memory, and it is a collective complex that resonates from generation to generation. The other is in the form of matter, which uses matter as a carrier, through which people can interpret the rich culture and the meaning expressed. In this case, through the integration of the three-dimensional shape of the sky, the earth, and the people, the space is built into a cozy little world. The viewer enters it and feels the local feelings, just like drinking mellow and not knowing the way back.

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