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Chen Tihua Restaurant


In this case, Chen Tihua belongs to a chain restaurant brand. In this case, we want to complete clear visual guidance and psychological suggestion in this part. "Let big gears be less big gears.". Like the revival of the national tide, each era has its own symbol of the times, and its characteristics are often haunting. We want to reflect the characteristics of the Republic of China in this design, so that the tide of the Republic of China can be integrated into the overall design. Of course, how to break through the inherent image of being close to the people but overflowing is not only Chen Tihua, but also many popular catering brands need to think and reform. Through insight into the brand image and market environment, we deduce the new elegant Republic of China style positioning, and maintain the style consistency in the aspects of color, pattern, element and technique application, so as to create a brand-new image of "texture big stall".

Designer: Hongyuan Zhang

I graduated from Liaodong University of China, majoring in interior and exterior decoration of architecture. I have been engaged in the design industry for 16 years. I have been focusing on the structure of space and color in architectural interior design, as well as the combination of tradition and fashion. My understanding of design is like the wind can fly freely, and people's thinking can surpass the speed of wind. That design should be shuttling in the space of the universe The combination of time and space, and the echo of geometry and color make the design limitless.