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Place memory
-"Lu has jade, water has pearl"
City Impression – Changsha
Mountains and rivers depend on each other, and the city is located among them. Green hills, clear water, oases and famous cities set off each other and are integrated to feel the tranquility and poetic flavor of personalized mountains and rivers.
Under the influence of Western learning spreading to the East, the new aesthetics always flows into the inland from the coast and sweeps the inland.
This project is inspired by the natural and humanistic characteristics of Changsha's unique landscape and city. The elements of mountain, stone and water are de concretized, and the aesthetic thinking of contemporary interior design and simple design techniques are used for artistic collision and fusion, and then applied to soft matching to depict the natural, quiet and comfortable dimensional space. At the moment, the beauty comes down to simplicity, just right.

Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd Founded in Shanghai in 2016, with a registered capital of 3 million yuan and headquartered in Shanghai, AOD is better at sales offices, model rooms, clubs and hotels, among which hard decoration is better. AOD has cooperated with many first-line developers, such as Vanke, Greenland, Rongchuang, Xincheng, Jinhui, etc., and has a good response in the industry. At present, the company has a total of 45 people, the organizational structure is relatively perfect, including a number of hard and soft decoration teams, the scale is gradually growing, and the division of labor within the team is clear. Main service content: real estate product line R & D and consulting:
Service content:
demonstration area, large area, model room, hardbound positioning, effect drawing, assisting the formation of architecture and landscape, completing product line and content research and development;
R & D and consultation of bulk hardcover product line:
Project hardcover positioning, plane optimization, hardcover effect production, the establishment of hardcover product line, the output of standardized results.