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Changsha The Carema Sales Center
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Project Name: Changsha The Carema Sales Center
Location: Changsha, China
Design Team: Xu Beisi, Zha Xian, Kong Lingying, Liu Yijun, Miao Chao, Yang Muxin
Design Team: Shanghai Laurent Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Chief Designer: Jiang Wangye, Nie Min, Zhou Hao
Area: 17300 square meters
Cost: 36.93 million
Design Cycle: July 10, 2021 - October 10, 2021
Completion Time: Sep 2022
Main Materials: fuding black stone, bluestone slab culture stone, Chinese black imitation stone brick, sesame series imitation stone brick, Kunbo Bosi grey matt surface, Kunbo Karaka white brushed surface, Kunbo digital marble
Photographer: Yuanyang Photography
Nature and human emotions are connected as always. Changsha, a city surrounded by green mountains and lush rivers, is haunted by a flowing curve formed by the Xiangjiang River's waterways, sandbanks, beach islands, fishing boats, and waves.
This case is depicted in this instance as having a modern, minimalist design style. Designing an art meeting room that combines form and spirit, modern sense and natural perception, the designer draws on the foundation of Changsha's humanities and arts and integrates them with modern design techniques.
The sales center's design transfers the natural artistic atmosphere of landscape culture as well as the contemporary simple artistic sense from the outside to the interior, integrating both into the modern simple atmospheric architectural setting.
The design of the entrance is based on the canyon, representing the idealist's quest of and optimism for the natural world. The storefront signboard is an abstract representation of a bionic ship, with multi-dimensional curve variations on the facade and a half-moon form that transitions from wide to small. Curves, rhythms, and shifts abound along the 105-meter canyon greenway. The natural granite high wall mirrors the crashing waves, creating a dramatic sight. It is designed to allow individuals to fully immerse themselves in nature. The lush and harmonic sebiferum forest in the valley, along with the lovely plants and trees thriving in the shade next to the water's rippled scenery, combine to make for a surreal tour experience for people.
The finless porpoise mother and youngster playing scene inspired the creation of the Instagram-worthy location—IP sculpture Kiss of Finless Porpoise in SMILE Square. The 484 triangular mirror stainless steel pieces are used to create the 8-meter-tall sculpture. It portrays the scene of finless porpoises playing on their way home when combined with the square music fountain, fog forest, and built-in induction lights. In this connection, we can make a pilgrimage to the Kiss of Finless Porpoise at the end of the curved walkway that follows the terrain.
The sales center, the front square, and the canyon are all connected by the 900 square meter water body. The Xiangjiang River's historical ebb and flow is depicted by nature in the winding water line, succeeding layers of water, and the overlapping water curtain. Three floating boat sculptures, ripples, and a succession of stars looking the same as XiangJiang River on the water's surface confer people a wonderful fantasy..
The lobby hall is gray, with an 8.1-meter-diameter circular water feature that has a jumping water line that falls down in an organized rhythm. The disc waterscape's background is a dynamic poetic landscape frame.
The busy area is in stark contrast to the scenery of the natural creative conception both within and outside the glass curtain wall. The placement of the three falling water features looks ideal. The sound of babbling water emphasizes the peaceful and comfortable living, changing with the evolvement of four seasons.
Along the trail, we enter the subterranean club courtyard. An art sculpture, a water platform, a little spring, black imitation stone brick, and anticorrosive wood built of calm color make the space basic and quiet.
The club courtyard offers people a free, stress-free place to unwind and a range of communication spaces to enjoy a leisurely vacation under the green tufted park trees. A fresh spring, with its soft and lovely flowerscape, offers a romantic tale. The garden and the building's interior and exterior work together harmoniously, and the courtyard expands the inside with a variety of sceneries that depict the garden's ecological life.
The modern freehand style of landscape Zen is presented as we pass through the sebiferum road, all of which thank to the pure oxygen green, along with the stepping gravel pool and the rolling green island intermingled with black mountain stone.
A flagship life based ideological living room can be found beneath the splotchy shadow. The hue is subdued and serene, and the texture is wonderful. Metallic dark coffee and dark color with imitation stone complement each other. The exquisite hollow grille on one side can provide two types of communication experiences: the layout is partially concealed and partially transparent to ensure private conversation when we sitting inside; outdoor bars provide leisure time and allow us to experience the best of Changsha's natural landscape when we sitting outside.
In addition to creating a location where people can truly unwind, develop a close connection with people, art, and nature, our goal is to create a space where nature and art can coexist harmoniously. Art and nature coexist in a variety of settings, including the serene canyon, the vibrant Porpoise Square, the green meeting space, and the elegant and unhurried water court. There's a clean land where the spirit can be left alone after spending a long time in the city at the time when people and nature resonate between the imagined and the real.


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