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Changsha lu yin qingzhu lake exhibition center
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We have been exploring what is the origin of oriental culture. The overall planning and layout is based on maximizing the adaptation to local conditions and the site, combined with the garden-style layout in traditional Chinese culture, and through the architectural technique of "building a garden" to form a rich spatial relationship and architectural form, which is suitable for movement and static, and moves with different scenery. It breaks the rigid and single layout relationship of traditional display buildings, maximizes the degree of integration with nature, and incorporates the surrounding beautiful natural resources into the site. At the same time, in line with the original height change relationship of the site, the building layers are arranged step by step to form a unique immersive exhibition center experience.
Adhere to the concept of people-oriented, green and healthy, fully consider the impact of urban ecological environment factors in Changsha, and create an elegant, safe, convenient, pleasant scale and unique architectural space. We hope to give the city a place of nature and culture here. The source and the carrier at the beginning of life show the imagination of a better life in the future of Changsha City. It is not only an open community business here for urban citizens, but also a living museum for people to show a better life in the future, a multi-functional complex community center , An urban living room that carries all kinds of supporting facilities for people's life. We hope that people will walk in nature here, indulge in the beautiful imagination of the future city, and be obsessed with the beautiful vision of the future life.

Agency: Shanghai PTArchitects

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