SILVER Prize of Model Room

Changsha Greenland intercity space station


In a large area of simple and pure gray space, black sanitary ware, local elevation treatment, log washing table, white line louver all have a good division and supplement to the space. The mirror surface of Rafer copied the whole space and created the classic symmetrical structure in the photographic composition.
The first sight is very important. The ceiling is tiled with mirrors. The increased sense of space increases the infinite imagination space for the residents, as if they are in a three-dimensional world where dreams and reality interlace. At the same time of increasing the visual height, the linear extension of the clothes hanger, storage cabinet and kitchen space in the porch increases the breadth and depth of the space.



The stairs made of black and log make up the ascending space. The working area under the ladder makes full use of the space, which is compact and not crowded, and avoids the waste of large area space. The space between the steps also provides a line like light and shadow level. Every detail can become a photographer's favorite moment and provide inspiration for the photographer's creation. Light and shadow pass through layers of structures, such as the speechless monologue in photography.
Hollow position is multi-functional, when a friend comes home, he can be used as a guest room or exercise fitness. The back of the bed is 45 ° inclined, and the ingenious triangle structure makes the bookcase vivid. The integration of orange soft clothes adds a little level and wild interest.
The Pavilion floor continues the texture of log color steps, separating the private space. The glass railings make the space tend to integrate as a whole, and the bedside is stacked with recent photography works. Before going to bed, playing with those beloved photographic equipment, looking through the past, thinking about the significance of life.

Luo Wei

Founder and chief designer of Wei Gaocheng Design Group
Aphda Asia Pacific Hotel design top ten new figures in 2018
Guanghua Longteng Award: Top Ten Outstanding Youth in China's decoration industry
Explorers of humanistic design and Jingcheng
Be good at thinking and practicing, and pay attention to the relationship between people and environment Balance between art and business
His works are natural, simple, delicate, tender and emotional.
A dynamic and persistent interior designer in China

He has received the influence of traditional oriental aesthetics and Chinese ink and paper freehand painting since childhood. He graduated from Sichuan Academy of fine arts, the second phase of senior research class of hotel design of Tsinghua University, and studied with Mr. Cheng shaozheng Tao, a famous international design master.
In 2010, WeiGaocheng started his business as a design brand. So far, he has set up a public high tech department in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wenzhou, with more than 100 design elite teams.
More than ten years of experience in real estate design and service, with oriental aesthetics and grade space as its own duty, annotates the unique temperament and artistic conception of space
Advocate the concept of "holistic" design, integrate human life with planning, architecture, landscape and interior design, and emphasize the perfect balance between commercial value and aesthetic value. Over the years, high-quality works are widely praised by the industry. Now, he is the executive director of interior design branch of CIID China Architecture society.