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Central China Normal University open-air cinema landscape upgrade project
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The open-air cinema renovation project of Central China Normal University is a gift project for the 120th anniversary of Hua Normal University. The project is a comprehensive renovation project involving architecture, landscape, interior and other specialties. In the early stage, the design team went deep into the campus to collect style, visit, survey and investigate, and finally based on the design concept of the lyrics of the chorus of the Chinese Normal University song, "Big love for students, long wind sends Kunpeng", collected the topographic conditions of the open-air cinema, took "Long Wind Ruogu" as the theme, and carried out the design work with the design principles of systematic, recognizable, human nature and humanism, and strived to create a timeless campus landscape that responds to historical memory in the new era.

Designer:Qiuxue Li

Li Qiuxue, director of Beijing Chaoyang District Youth Huimeng Art Service Promotion Center, senior environmental designer and urban planner.