Best of Decoration Design

Backstage Collection


Designer Team:Bryce Cai X Objective
Usage and Setting: Space Decoration: Wall decorations
Materials:Extra-fine wool, Chenille, French embroidery
Size:#1:250 L × 250 W cm;#3:180 L × 180 W cm;#5:250 L × 250 W cm



This design is presented by Shanghai-based young designer Cai Beiyi (Bryce). He believes that there are many people living as by-standers with cold eyes in big cities, since everyone has different values and criteria. This time, the designer has selected eye makeup elements in many fashion campaigns to symbolize "perspectives". With the help of French embroidery artisans usually working on Haute Douture, a variety of novel materials are mixed and matched to form up eyes. The bottom of the tapestry is made of extra-fine Australian wool and chenille via the loop pile process. Back Stage series consists of 3 works – single, three, and five persons, respectively. They are intended to demonstrate modern people's personalized needs, and encourage the young: “don't copy, just be yourself!”

Designer: Bryce Cai

Bryce Cai has been educated for a variety of art forms since childhood, he has more than 10 years of experience in interior design, FF&E design, product design, art consulting. He has served in many well-known overseas interior and TOP10 global architectural firms. In APAC, participated in the design and construction of several high-end residences , shopping malls ,luxury hotels, Michelin restaurants ,bar & clubs and other projects. The space designed by Bryce has been used as a location in many film and television dramas and movies ,and began to participate in cross-over cooperation of major brands in 2018. Bryce is not just an interior designer,he is always wanting to be more than that.