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Beach Service Station
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Located in Hainan, China, this beach service station encapsulates the traits of seafront buildings. The designer hopes to create a profile between ocean and buildings. Between the twos, hidden the building, peacefully coexists with the environment. The roof is designed as a two-stage thermo-infinity pool. Looking at the ocean from the pool on the roof, water flows over the wall of the pool perfectly merges with the surging seawater, as if the pool and the sea are one. Hence, subtly hidden the atmosphere of the architecture, as the designer hopes to capture every profile of this uniquely designed building. On the roof, the flowing pool converges to the right side of the building to form a waterfall through the dark ditch outside the wall of the pool. Flowing through the colorful mosaics-wall, the flowing water emerges as a rainbow waterfall, which not only enlivens the atmosphere of the entire architecture, but also soften the boundary between the building and the surroundings. The spiral staircases on both sides of the building are set in accord with the moving line, which strikes a visual impression and provides the platform for taking pictures on the beach. The beach is connected with sightseeing roads. The exterior glass curtain wall is covered with sea-blue mosaics, which not only ensures sufficient natural light, but also enables the interior and exterior appear more spacious and flowing. The curtain wall, echoes with the surging ocean outdoors, is equipped with wavy shaped aluminum panels to extrude the elements of ocean and wave. Given the local climatic conditions, the main building is made of ferroconcrete, the railings outdoors is made of seawater-resistant 316L stainless steel, and the glass of the railing is made of laminated tempered glass. On the facade, the building adopts three-layer hollow laminated tempered glass curtain wall, and the glass joints of the curtain wall are protected and fixed by wavy aluminum square passes, which satisfy the needs of separation and privacy both indoor and outdoor; meanwhile, resisting typhoons effectively. The interior is divided into three parts: the reception hall, the dressing room and the shower. Due to the saturated air, the indoor walls and floors are covered with high-grade gray tiles, which effectively prevent humidity and provide visitors with a sense of visual tranquility. In the showers for man and women, Tiffany Blue and Hermes Orange are used as color partitions, thereby enhancing the vitality of the interior and a sense of fluid color. The details of indoor partitions and door frames are all made of colorful acrylic, which harmonizes the interior color and creates a sense of spatial level.

Designer: Wenjun Fan

Fan Wenjun, born in 1984, graduated from Henan University of Urban Construction majoring in civil engineering and Henan University majoring in Chinese language and literature, has been engaged in architecture, gardening and decoration design for eleven years. He has a wealth of design experience such as leading the design of main scenic upgrade projects of Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, a 5A scenic spot in Sanya City, Hainan Province, from 2018 to now, and implementing a number of original design works in TIANYA-HAIJIAO Tourism Demonstration Area in Sanya City.
Personal design features: good at refining local design elements and effectively integrating architectural functions and landscape.