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Dujiangyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Town
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The Dujiangyan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care Town Project is guided by China’s national development strategy with the core technology of supercritical fluid extraction in Chinese traditional medicine. Under the trend of traditional Chinese medicine health care, it builds up and promotes the high-quality development of Tianma Town, Dujiangyan City. By centralized transplanting of the most resources of China’s national-level tradition medicine research and development center, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Taiwan and Japan health care institutions, the town provides integrated and directional services such as preventative care, recuperation rehabilitation, SPA, health and promotion, forming an industrial complex linked to the primary and secondary industry, and a combination of the tertiary industry with the scientific cultivation and research of traditional Chinese medicine, nano-extraction of medical-grade traditional Chinese medicine, and international trade. With collaborative innovation, it concentrates on the top-level designing and geographical advantages of the health area services and elite irrigation area. The project is located in the core area of Dujiangyan Elite Irrigation District, which has the most developed water system and the best agricultural conditions on the Chengdu Plain. The town is close to the pastoral complex, 2 kilometers away from the center of Tianma Town, adjacent to the Rural Revitalization Expo Park on the east, 4.5 kilometers away from Zhanqi Village. It is also at the core of ecological protection and tourism development.

Agency:  Sichuan Daosheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Daosheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. is an all-directional developed company. Its main business covers: agriculture, cultural tourism, rural complex development, characteristic towns and cultural tourism industrial investment, tourism resource exploitation, industrial parks, traditional Chinese medicine health care industry, high-tech biotechnology, high technology, urban infrastructure investment, International trade, financial investment, financing management, and other sectors.
The company continues to innovate, develop and actively explore new business models. It has achieved remarkable economic benefits and social benefits in agriculture, the traditional Chinese medicine industry, industrial parks, high-tech biotechnology, high technology, urban infrastructure investment, international trade, financial investment and financing management, and diversified financial services. The development trend of economic globalization and the urgent needs of China’s economic reform, Daosheng will fulfill the aim of CPC, further study and implement the CPC Central Committee’s policies on Economic Construction, developing agriculture, cultural tourism, high-tech industries, and international trade and other fields. The company will perform well on its social responsibilities, and actively promote the overall restructuring and development of China's economy during its growth, also contributing to the rapid development of China's economy.