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Hailan Daojian Hot Spring Resort
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Agency:  Chun Huang
Designer: Chun Huang

Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Commercial Architect, Senior Engineer, Architectural Designer, Senior Room
Interior Designer
Founder/Partner of ATD Right Thinking Design Agency
China Building Decoration Association Zhu Rong Award "Ambassador Zhu Rong"
China Building Decoration Association Electric Lighting Branch Vice President
Vice President of China Building Decoration Association Priska Committee
Liaoning Provincial Decoration Association Vice President/Director of Lighting Design Committee
Liaoning Urban Lighting Association Vice President / Design Branch President Director of Creative China Design Alliance
Recent works
2021 Hailan Rice Wellness Spa Project in Hongjing City, Yanbian Prefecture (National Health Care Demonstration Zone, Core Main Business Format) Overall Volume: 30,000 square meters (planning, planning, architectural design, interior Scenario development and operation)
In 2020, the total volume of commercial plots in Xuelian Street, Shenyang City: 110,000 square meters Fang Mi (planning, planning, architectural design, business scenario research send)
2019 Jimo Road Belt International Trade City in Jimo Island Total volume: 30 Wan Ping Mi (planning, planning, interior scene design)
2018 T-ONE University Town Commercial Complex in Shanxi Overall Volume: 125,000 square meters (planning, planning, indoor scene design count)
2017 Taiyuan Watermi Basha Hot Spring Water City Total volume: 83,000 square meters (planning, planning, indoor business scenarios)
honorary award
The Eighth China International Building Decoration and Design Art Fair "2012-2013 Top 100 Interior Design Figures"
The 10th China International Building Decoration and Design Art Fair "2012-2013 Top Ten New Figures in Interior Design"
The 10th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair "2014-2015 Top Ten Most Influential Designers"
The 11th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair "2015-2016 Top 50 Senior Expert Designers in China's Interior Design"
2016-2017 7th China International Space Design Competition (China Architectural Decoration Design Award) Preliminary and semi-final jury member
2018 The 10th China Lighting Application Design Competition National Finals (Water Mi Basha Hot Spring Water City) Entertainment Club Bronze Award
2019 Liaoning Provincial Decoration Association Excellent Design Character Selection was selected as "Liaoning Provincial Decoration Industry Senior Designer"
2020 Member of the Jury Committee of the 10th China International Space Design Competition (China Architectural Decoration Design Award)
2020 5th Japan Cup Golden Butterfly Award Interior Design Competition (Shenyang Xuelian Commercial Street) Golden Award
2021 Japan Cup 6th Golden Butterfly Award Interior Design Competition Jury Expert

Best of Hotel Building

Hangzhou Fuchunquan Hot Spring Hotel


Project introduction
Hangzhou Fuchunquan Hot Spring Hotel is located in a paradise on earth, a romantic and poetic habitat: Hangzhou. The hotel is close to the sports park to the north, overlooking the Fuchun River to the south, Huashu Village to the west, and Fuchun Rose Garden to the east. The total land area: 4456 square meters. The hotel is positioned as a Japanese-style boutique hot spring hotel, including: hotel lobby, calligraphy and painting hall, Japanese restaurant, water tea room, meditation room, two guest rooms (a total of 34 guest rooms) and various functional rooms, total construction area: 5298.75 square meters .
Project positioning:
As a Japanese-style hot spring boutique hotel, this hotel firstly meets the functional requirements of a Japanese-style hot spring hotel, and can also meet the functions of weddings, company meetings, small gatherings, and product displays.
Architectural concept description:
The continuous and steep green mountain peaks towering into the clouds, far away from the crowds, I can't remember how many years have passed. I pushed away the clouds and mist to look for the ancient mountain road in the hidden woods, relying on the stones to listen to the gurgling water. The project continued the design of Mr. Huang Gongwang's quiet and expressive mood when he lived in seclusion. Due to the movement of the earth's crust, the location of this hotel project has a similar elevation to that of Huang Gongwang's hermitage more than 600 years ago. Appreciating the Fuchun River scenery from the hotel is like appreciating the realistic version of "Fuchun Mountain Residence" from a similar angle. The designer got the design inspiration of the hotel from the house layout when Huang Gongwang lived in seclusion. Standing at the book bar in the lobby, it was like Mr. Huang Gongwang in his studio, admiring the beautiful scenery of Fuchun River from the perspective of Mr. Huang Gongwang's paintings, and comprehending the open-minded life of Mr. Huang Gongwang when he lived in seclusion.
Architectural design description:
The hotel is positioned as a Japanese-style boutique hot spring hotel. The building combines with the surrounding environment to create a simple, elegant, quiet and introverted atmosphere, highlighting the quiet, beautiful and subtle oriental features.
The original intention of the design was to take a Japanese-style hot spring hotel as a hotel feature. Japanese-style hot springs are related to Japanese-style architecture and Japanese-style courtyards. The most mature period of Japanese-style architecture and courtyards is the Yuan and Song dynasties, and it is also the period when Huang Gongwang painted "Living in Fuchun Mountain". Coupled with the Zen at the time is a very good combination. Starting from Zen and Japanese plane space, Zen space is designed by paying attention to every detail, every space to every scene.



Building function description:
1. Take the main entrance of the hotel along the quiet small bamboo forest, and enter the hotel lobby through the dry mountain and water Japanese courtyard. The lobby adopts a double first floor method. The basement floor is the hotel lobby and the first floor is the calligraphy and painting hall.
2. To the east of the hotel are restaurants, water tea rooms, and meditation rooms.
3. There are guest rooms on the north and west sides, with a total of 34 rooms, including 14 standard rooms, 5 intermediate standard rooms, 13 high-standard rooms, 2 private customized rooftop hot spring suites and 2 VIP hot spring suites.
4. The overhead floor can be used as an underground garage or a multifunctional room or exhibition hall.
5. There are 6 hot spring pools, including

  1. There are 2 outdoor public male and female hot spring bathing pools, which can be used interchangeably in the morning and evening. One of the hot spring bathing pools is a semi-open outdoor bathing pool and a borderless bathing pool, where you can see the hotel waterscape, and the other hot spring bathing pool On the hillside, you can look into the distance, or you can look up at the stars through the small sky hole design.
  2. 1 private customized rooftop hot spring pool, 2 private customized rooftop hot spring suites and 2 VIP hot spring suites, you can look up at the sky, enjoy the endless sky, and feel the Zen pool.
  3. 1 outdoor private customized hot spring bath, which can be customized by families and couples. Outdoor private customization can better experience nature.
Designer: David Pong David Pong

Mr. David Pong, Master of Architecture, Yokohama National University, Japan, a member of the Architectural Society of Japan,He is currently the deputy chief architect of Guangdong South China Design InstituteHead of Guangzhou of Singapore DG Design Institute. After more than ten years of experience in architecture, planning and design overseas, his design focus has returned to China. He has participated in the design of many successful large-scale projects at home and abroad, involving tourism development, cultural and tourism real estate, commercial real estate, hotels and real estate. The projects he participated in won many international and domestic awards.