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Tianxin lishui Bay Aesthetics Center


Located in the center of the community landscape, this project will serve as a permanent building to enhance the artistic atmosphere of the community, integrating the functions of the property, 4:30 class, art salon and other community functions. When thinking about the positioning, it takes the architectural forms such as art galleries and museums as the keynote, pays tribute to the master architect Tadao Ando in the material selection, and USES the clear concrete as the soul throughout the whole building.
Three boxes stacked one on top of the other, separated by two huge sheets of paper, look like a giant gift BOX about to be opened, dynamic and poetic. The solid, thick concrete walls are the plinth, in sharp contrast to the thin awning on the top floor. The sun was writing its own music on them.
The grey space of the building, which is composed of awning, landscape wall and glass door bucket, lengthens the moving line into the room and increases the interest of visiting.
The exposed concrete masonry wall used in the building has undergone three rounds of demolition and reconstruction under the shadow of difficult problems such as cement label, bolt member and formwork selection.
Sunset, twilight, the light of the "gift box" seems to be with a mysterious, as if looking forward to the next day of the sun to open it again...
The interior space is dominated by grey tone, closely integrated with the outer wall of the building. The volumes are interspersed, interconnected and interlaced with each other, with unique charm.
Through the door bucket slightly low space into the reception area, so that people suddenly enlightened, a bright at the moment. The caisson composed of diagonal sections cooperate with the simulated sky light can not help but let a person look up long.
The language of the building facade is extended into the interior, and the folding changes of origami in the space are used to integrate the building and the interior.
The detached ceiling is not only the wrapping of the artwork, but also a rare artistic re-creation in itself. Soft decoration art not only forms a kind of echo with interior and architecture, but also increases the interest of space.
Landscape, architecture, interior, the mood of a better combination, is the case designers do an attempt and a breakthrough. The "imprint of light" is introduced into the room, and the warm sunshine is recorded forever in the indoor space.

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