INNOVATION Prize of Decoration Display



Hardware company: Shenzhen Co., Ltd
Soft decoration company: Yuanhe Daqian
Design team: Geng Bo, Deng Zhichao
Design time: October 2017
Completion time: June 2019
Space area: 200 m
Client Name: Geng Bo
Materials: terrazzo, copper, jadeite marble, glass, lacquer board, wood, glass
Brands: ROCHE BOBOIS bubble sofa / BAXTER / Foscarini ORBITAL designed with Ferrucciolaviani Stand light / Cattenlan italia Open Wind Cabinet / HC28 designed by Frank chou design studio Bold Mrmachair & Bold side table / Fritz Hansen 1980s null Café chair / MOUSTACH Bold chair & stand light & tiger carpet/ HASTENS bed 2019limited edition TRIBUTE / Eames Lounge Chair Chair / MOROSO table



Make a glass box to hide love
As a partner of Yuanhe Daqian, a soft decoration design company, Geng Bo's daily work is to travel around the world to meet the changing market demand and capture the latest design trends and artistic inspiration. However, returning to the design of their own home, these "routines" are no longer applicable. "Home, no deliberate design and arrangement, everything should be natural."
At the entrance, a piece of art beach tapestry "lost dog" by Loewe and fabric Master John Allen can easily take you back to the remote British countryside, with unpredictable wind and rain and beautiful mountain scenery. "What I want is an interesting and changeable space, which is bright and open, and will not be so boring at first sight". This kind of freedom will roam around from the moment of introduction.
The open cube in front of us comes from two sets of adjacent high jump floors which are completely opened. The functional spaces such as kitchen, living balcony, stairs and guest room are hidden on both sides of the cube, so as to keep the space open and regular to the greatest extent.
The large gray terrazzo floor area separates the kitchen area from the oncoming kitchen area. Bold chair from MOUSTACH drives the smart lines, but also increases the softness of this central area. Geng Bo's preference for modern and pop greatly influenced his choice of art works, so there are many pieces of art such as balance devices in the space.
Because the inspiration is always activated during the journey, when you find the materials or elements you like, you can't help but want to take it home, and then try to find a way to find it all over the world. Therefore, Geng Bo's home has been carefully polished, and unconsciously renovated for a whole year and a half. The chessboard base of the bar was redesigned after experiencing Hyatt centric in Tokyo because he fell in love with their black and white checked furniture.
The designer is good at dancing materials and colors. The thick green between peacock blue and emerald green connects the kitchen and the reception space in a large area. By making a slight difference in the texture of terrazzo and baking paint, and matching with brass decorative lines, the skin and bone of the space are slightly strong. So return to the choice of furniture, in the living room Roche bobois bubble sofa, Baxter wool rocking chair brought by the mellow feeling, effectively supply the visual temperature, smooth the edges and corners.
At the same time, the qianniao single chair cooperated by Frank Chou design studio and hc28 echoes the bar in detail. The tiger carpet of MOUSTACH also complements each other. Foscarini's organic floor lamp and moroso's coffee table continue to tell genbo's modern pop aesthetic taste. The marble fireplace extends the vision, arousing your curiosity about the second floor.
The chicken Rib Sloping space under the stairs is well used as a guest guard, and Cole & son's wallpaper adds a sense of mystery to this special corner. The passenger door with push switch is hidden in the wall panel. Such wall design appears behind all the walls in the living room. It looks like a magnified cabinet, full of fun to discover.
Dark green and brass wires lead you into gengbo's private glass box on the second floor. A corridor that can take a panoramic view of the kitchen and living room gives you time to slowly change your identity. It includes Geng Bo's functional needs for rest, bathing and storage. Different from the lively sharing atmosphere on the first floor, the second floor is infused with quiet tones of beige and light gray.
The space on the second floor is the most elegant. All the interior walls are made of glass to maximize the introduction of light. The top of the living room is completely lifted to leave a blank. Finally, the box space with three-dimensional free flow of sight is obtained. In this box, there are tapestries from Berlin illustrator Jonathan niclaus, color woven magazine shelves by Marni and Colombian artists, leather flower weavers by Loewe and Japanese bamboo master Hafu Matsumoto Geng Bo weaves wonderful dreams for himself with his works of art.
At the beginning of the design, "home" has become a giant container here in gengpo. It carries the important significance of collecting the designer's past: the antique lamps in the santuan market in Paris, the coffee pot in Soho house in Berlin during the new year's day, and the hand-painted coarse pottery cup harvested from the art gallery when looking at the red leaves It is his private collection and a small exhibition room for his personal aesthetic trophies. In his opinion, the stories and memories connected by these objects are his most vivid imagination of home.

Yuanhe Daqian