INNOVATION Prize of Model Room

C2 household of Phase III Oriental City Palace


Design unit: Shanghai light and shadow decoration consulting co. LTD
AREA: 113m2
DATE OF COMPLETION: July 10th ,2019
Main material: Italian grey marble, Olive grey marble, Adot grey marble, Aspen white marble, leather carving background, Hardpack wood finish, Rose gold stainless steel, Mosaic art glass stone



The project is situated in the Nanhui area of Shanghai which belongs to high-end residential. The decoration is pure and exquisite and gives people a visual feast. The modern elegance and luxury in the living room space are perfectly blended, and the auspicious clouds gleamingly float in the air. The crystal chandeliers, bright gold metal wall decorations and overall elegant colors are perfectly unified. It not only reflects the elegance precipitated by years, but also shows the exquisite luxury of the modern city. The blue-key restaurant's stylish tableware is very amazing, combined with the texture changes of the wood carving decoration, creating a warm and graceful atmosphere. The hand-painted wallpapers of the master bedroom with  luxuriant foliage are highly layered, reflecting the wonderful life time. The geometric background wall of the bed in the second bedroom strewn at random and shows a strong sense of space. Beautiful indy pink, hot air balloon theme wallpaper and soft cute cloud ornaments all make the girl room a unique fairy tale world. Life is a kind of rhythm and filled with light and shadow. The relationship among people, space and nature shall be respected thus to create unlimited possibilities in the limit.

Rui Ying, Chief creative director of Shanghai Light and Shadow Decoration Consulting Co., Ltd., has specialized in interior design for many years. Once served as director of the Singapore Design Company, she was deeply influenced by overseas culture and also accumulated a certain of creative source and style of design. With high sensibility and great understanding of international fashion culture, she is proficient in combining fashion, art, culture and technology to make a fashionable decorative design style, bringing the foreign design concept to the Light and Shadow Decoration. She has created many wonderful designs with major real estate developers.
Shanghai Light and Shadow Decoration Consulting Co., Ltd.|Co-founder & Design Director
Wuxi Pinyuan Decoration Design Co., Ltd.|Supervisor & Design Director
Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China|Member

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