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C Station · Meisu
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It's better to be different than better. Treasure hunting trips in cities, breaking away from industrialized product models, combining content and scenes to pursue more unique and spontaneous spatial experiences.
"Life oriented" Eastern Aesthetics.
In the era of shallow culture, space requires a sense of service, and emotional aesthetics are more valuable. Digging into subtle things in life that are easily overlooked but can move people's hearts, integrating emotions into design, and creating a positive and sustainable spatial experience.
Design Description.
A group of young people flocking from the central urban area of the city gather here like sails raised by the wind. The linear arrangement of the sequence forms rhythmic changes, and the geometric mechanical support structure reflects the sense of power of the building.
Walking at the corners of the stairs, the metal cylindrical shape weakens the excessive stiffness at the corners, while also reminding guests to pay attention to the end of the corner when going up and down the stairs. The consideration of details not only enhances the guest's check-in experience but also influences their behavior.
Unlike the vibrant yellow retro brick tone in the lobby of the first floor hotel, the tone of the second floor restaurant gives people a different experience. Introverted black cultural bricks with a textured texture paired with furniture in natural wood color. Create a gentler and more peaceful spatial texture. The selection of lighting fixtures is based on the classic Yoshiyuki Noguchi paper chandelier at the end of the staircase, with soft lighting guiding the upward pace.
Light has become the main tone of the second floor space, reflecting through perforated aluminum panels to various corners of the room. With the passage of time, the space has also produced wonderful drama. The functions of the second floor are also a combination of diversity, including breakfast, afternoon tea, chatting, meetings, and movie playback. Different furniture arrangements also form different usage attributes.
The black and white tone that is not deliberately modified makes the guest the only color in the space. The changing light creates the most realistic and interesting dynamic presence in space for walking people.
The unexpected effects of light are not enough, and the scattered light generated by the reflection of electroplated bricks also brings more beauty to the space. Travel here, relieve the fatigue of the journey, and enjoy a unique romantic light.
Project Name | C Station · Meisu
Project location | Shenyang Shenbei
Project Type | Hotel Space
Design Team | SKD DESIGNS
Project Photography | TOPIA Visual Studio
Brand VI | Juejia Culture
Project area | 3300 square meters
Main materials | cultural bricks, artistic texture coating, black wood veneer, aluminum plate
Design time | March 2022- March 2023
Completion time | March 2023


Senior interior architect.
Principal of SKD (Beijing) Design Office. Design Director of Beijing Libeiya Environmental Design and Research Institute. Invited Lecturer, School of Art and Media, Shenyang Institute of Technology. Executive Director and Director of Design Committee of Shenyang Interior Designers Association. CIID China Interior Design Gold Top Ten Award. FDC AWARD French Design Exchange Magazine's Cover Person of the Year. The most influential designer of FDC AWARD French Design Exchange. CIDF Huading Hotel Design Award Top Ten Most Influential Designers. Asia-Pacific Space Design Annual Selection of the Most Influential Designers. Silver Award of Macau Golden Lotus Cup International Design Masters Invitational Hotel.