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House Of Love


Project area:300 m²
installation design:AN DESIGN(shenzhen)Limited Company soft outfit design:AN DESIGN(shenzhen)Limited Company Start Time: August 2017
Completion time: November 2019
Treat design as if it were your lover. Pour your love into it. He understands the essence of design, so that his design has a kind of human nature inside, a kind of moving sincere feeling, seemingly simple design carefully experience, will be moved for him, there will be a kind of shock and awe feeling.
——Louis Kahn

Home, what is it? Home is the cradle of building love, is a harbor sheltered from the wind, is the most intuitive appearance of the host.
This case is hard and soft outfit whole house custom design, based on the trust of the owner, we from the hard and soft outfit design to construction overall control, although involves various interface interaction in the process of problems, but the tacit understanding coordination in teams, our relationship through balancing the space several interface, solved many details, make a space better, showing the quality of the expected effect.
We hope that the relationship between light, space and materials can bring a delicate balance to the senses, and create an aesthetic framework of contemporary life, which is expressed in a simple and elegant space system. We hope that the host can return home in a relaxed and comfortable state. With the passage of time and years, the feelings between home and people will become more intense and delicate...
Through the thin gauze shade of light, leisurely scattered in the room, a strange much a minute let people's peaceful atmosphere, all attributed to calm, bearing the beige marble, wood veneer wrapped in warm, natural and warm, strewn at random discretion circle droplight cantilever, a lovely balloon dog (the art of Jeff koons work), along with the gender and interesting, the one more point on a and complained of a deep and long, in the courtyard the strains of maple places and added a bit quiet cozy atmosphere.
Naughty opened a gauze curtain wind, as if you can see on the table of delicious food, family harmony, between the clod flicker out the bamboo, the silhouette of the house elves, leaping, layered step to form a kind of order, and a device of the space, the blue acrylic painting the most assertive, both a landscape artistic conception, more fashionable avant-courier.
In the yard, the scenery is changing all the time, rain or shine is uncertain, time goes by, all have its natural beauty, high and low, orderly, sitting under the tree, light and shade dabs in the body, watching the children play and chase, moss, green plants, gravel have a quiet look of years.
"Be glad to solve east ge for me, bright window is clean a few shu Hua Yin", the space of the bedroom should be clean and pure, without too much interference, close shade, quiet warmth, sleepy feeling is hit, pull open shade, sunshine is bright, vigorous and vigorous.
Bright geometric carpet, yellow pillow, large aircraft structure background, scattered ball lights, color jumping, lively and interesting, are children like the look.
The home is not only a simple silhouette,
Is a pot of tea, a cup of wine, you can slowly taste,
Gradually merge with the host to produce a kind of temperature, texture...

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From 2011 to 2016 engaged in interior design work, 2016 set up his own design studio so far.
He has won the China Decoration Design Award (CBDA Design Award)
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