INNOVATION Prize of Real Sate Sales



Project Name: Bodi Center Location: Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China
Area: 370㎡
Interior Design: Nature Times Art Design Co.,Ltd
Decoration Design: Nature Times Art Design Co.,Ltd
Decoration Execution:
Nature Times Art Design Co.,Ltd
Design Team: Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
Photography: Shixiang Wanhe



Located at the 32nd floor of the highest building, Bodi Center, in Hangzhou, the project was given distinctive features at the beginning of design. The whole building looks like a hollow rounded triangle from the top and the project is on one side of it. With amazing view outside the window, especially at night, the project enables people to feel like living above clouds. Designers were inspired by an old saying that a real hermit emphasizes peace in spiritual level rather than in formal one, so that even though in a noisy city, it’s possible to have a peaceful mind. Therefore, the project is an extraordinary example of “A quiet shelter in crowds.”
The project was named “A hermit shelter above clouds”, responding to high demands of “modern hermits” for spiritual life and ideal working place. The design is imbued with urban idealism because designers intended to make it a tranquil shelter where people can not only enjoy spiritual and mental relaxation even in the chaotic environment but also get close to natural surroundings. The space interprets the idea of oriental philosophy that chaos and tranquil coexist, aiming to balance two seemingly contradictory elements and enable people to gain inner peace.
The project functions moreover as a working space. To satisfy various needs, it is divided into different functional areas such as reception area, negotiation area, tea room, mini bar, meeting room and lounge. Each space features oriental Zen, filled with the tranquil and leisurely atmosphere. Entering the simply decorated reception area where natural texture is adopted as main color and ornamented with exquisite rattan works of art, one will have a peaceful mind and a relaxed body. In the negotiation area, one can enjoy the prosperous scene of city life outside while immersing yourself in the oriental Zen. The windows give full view of outdoor natural landscape, the broad horizon from which represents the owner’s broad mind and big-picture thinking. The simple but elegant interior design makes people feel relaxed and contented. In which the tea table is built with log and inkstone ; the mini bar counter of natural texture is decorated with solid-colored furniture, and the ornaments of shiny silver mountain sculpture, Chinese ink and wash artistic settings, the screen of landscape painting and bonsai add to a sense of oriental charm.
In this design, urban prosperity coexists with hermit life harmoniously. The project shows a different ideal living style escaping from chaos by use of oriental philosophy.

Chun Shan Qiu Shui