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Black is The Background Color of The Universe


The theme of the case is "black is the background color of the universe". In the home design, the soft clothing color collocation seldom uses the big area black, the black usually as the space contrast color and exists. In this set of design, we break the Convention, take black as the main color of the whole house. The black everywhere makes people feel as if they are in the quiet universe. Other colors are also set off in black, to show their own charm.

Designer: Yunhao Gao

Working years: 6 years
Design concept: design is a cold gentleman
Resume: Senior Furnishing Art Designer and national first class furniture designer by ICDA Since the establishment of Mier design in 2019, personal experience: in today's basic satisfaction of material life, comfortable and comfortable interior decoration has dual material life needs, and a large part has become an indispensable part of spiritual life. Interior design is affected by many factors, such as historical background, urban context, technical level, environmental conditions, economic conditions, living customs, comprehensive Taking these factors into account can lead to good design.