INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Between You and Me


Project Name: Between You and Me
Project Location: Beijing, China
No. 6 East Fourth Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016.
Project Area: 150 square meters
Company Name: Touch Design
Chief Designer: Yong Zhang, Xin Ma
Main Materials: Stone, painting board, ceramic tile, floor, copper plate, emulsion paint, Italian pole simple door, etc.
Photographer: Suzhou Shengsu Architectural Photography
Cost: RMB2.2 million
Design Cycle: 02 May 2018-20 June 2018
Completion Date: 15 March, 2019
Cooperative Brand:WEIRD、VITRA/KLUDI、TOCLAS、CPM、、HunterDouglas、Poliform、NATUZZI、BAXTER、nomon、PULPO、OLUCE、TomDixon、GUBI



In this case, the designers used unique design techniques to break down the traditional residential thinking within a limited framework, to build a customized aesthetic and lifestyle, so that "you and me" meet all emotional functional experience and visual impact. A variety of materials interface natural and smooth, wonderful interpretation of each functional space rhythm properties. Each design bright spot communicates with the owner's character and interprets the owner's requirements for quality of life.
Walking into the porch, you can see a super limited edition violent bear, without complicated decoration and color, pure and generous and calm, with hegemony and security in the black, which makes people forget the troubles and fatigue of the day as soon as they enter the house.
Around the entrance, each space is connected with each other, without losing the sense of concealment, and the entrance of several main spaces is counted as the gate form.
The living room is black, white and gray tone. As the highlight of the whole living room, the sofa background wall is presented by the designers with special materials, restoring and emphasizing the interweaving charm of the material in the space. By using simple natural stone and combining with good natural lighting, it balances the furniture shape in the whole space, and at the same time balances the rational life style. And satisfy the perceptual, bold and innovative life experience. In addition, the minimalist style of TV background wall and wood grain, stone formed a unique mature and restrained temperament.
Only by the outline and line outline of the clock for the living room added a bit of clean and clean charm, and natural stone background wall to rely on each other, showing a unique decorative effect. The entire living room is spacious and transparent, the decoration is simple and exquisite, which shows the style and taste of the owner.
The designer uses an open space design technique to connect the dining area and the living room, expand the visual experience, and design a smooth line that meets the needs of individual life. Black and white gray series and wood decoration throughout the space, lamps are shaped by geometric lines, and the appearance of gold increases the beauty.
The gray cotton bed is simple but rich in texture. At the end of the bed decoration painting in the gray space and warm light against the background, appears unique and eye-catching, dark wood floor low-key and elegant. The whole space is concise and atmospheric, pure but not tedious, to create a quiet, elegant sleep space.
The second bedroom is also spread along the black and white gray line, and in order to counteract the cool feeling brought by the senior gray, the space is a bit interesting with the decoration of cartoon dolls of various materials and forms.
The whole space uses multiple materials to push out the space level, highlighting the essence of pure and static. Designers advocate the combination of functional and life aesthetics, outlining the rich vitality of the interior, keeping the continuous space with the line, and the intelligent home system carries a sense of security and comfort. Let the living experience of the space of stability and convergence.