Best of Home Residence

Between Light ・ Corridor


The designer has arranged the place with brightness and spacious loop patterns through "sense of technology, modernity, and S-shaped curve" . Decorating the room which is filled of wooden materials with granite, LED light linear, amber mirror, wallpapers and imported tiles so as to create a lively and exquisite maison. The public area is distinguished by the S-shaped curved shoe cabinet which represents the symbol of the family crest as a partition between different function features. As to the private space, in order to let the resident refresh his mind and feeling when returning to the bedroom by passing through the light gallery on the corridor and have a tight sleep so as to embrace the light of the new day.

GooDesign Interior Design

We are a young brand with persistence in the beauty of life. For the design, we emphasize the natural and humanistic feelings, and like to handle the appearance and expressions between different materials in a delicate way. Furthermore, we care about the interactive relationship between the space ratio and the traffic flow, and treat every commission with the original intention of "designing our own house". We welcome you all to feel the space and enjoy the beautiful life that space brings.